Top 25 Latest Dungaree and Pinafore Dress for Womens

The dungaree or pinafore is a kind of dress that has a skirt and the top is fitted with straps. The skirt can be long or short and mostly has pockets on the sides. The front flap is also made with a large pocket. The straps are broad or thin and are held together with clips. You can choose a dungaree pinafore dress for your college life or even for daily wear.

Here we present you with a list of dresses in the dungaree or pinafore style. This list has 25 different types of dresses that you will like. The patterns are mostly casual and simple. You can choose the ones you like based on the neck designs or the length of the dress. The classic and stylish dungarees should be part of your collection. There are also dresses that can be worn for parties and occasions because of the material in which they are made. So try out these gorgeous styles and have a blast being sexy.

Fashionable and Modern Dungaree Pinafore Dress for Ladies in 2020:

Let we have to look at the 25 best dungaree pinafore dress designs.

1. Classic Dungaree Dress:

You must have one of these classic dungaree dresses in your wardrobe. This is perfect summer time dressing and you can easily add in a short or long sleeve top inside. The colours are classic too with black and blue being the most common. Denim material is most used in dungarees because of its firmness and style. The iconic material looks great in all dungaree designs and the dresses are also the best.

2. Flared Pinafore:

Here is another classic pinafore dress that you can have in your collection. It is somewhat of a vintage style dress with a puffed sleeved blouse inside. You can choose the light brown colour that will go perfectly with any blouse. Choose this pinafore for a semi-formal occasion as the flare of the skirt makes it stylish.

3. Pocket Dungaree:

This dungaree dress women’s is a cool and popular choice among the youth. This goes well with college dressing and you can up the game with some striking tops. The pockets in this dungaree dress are smart and practical.

4. V Neck Pinafore:

Choose this casual look pinafore dress pattern that has a V neck. The deep V neck with side pockets works well with a simple blouse or top inside. Keep it casual with flats or boots to style it up. The colours used here are also special as grey is a perfect choice.

5. Linen Dungaree Dress:

Try out this dungaree dress for girls and look stylish and striking in it. The linen material dungaree dress is well fitting. The belt made of the same material is also something that makes a good fashion statement. Square neck and large front pockets is another cool feature.

6. Denim Dungaree Dress:

Here is a stunning denim dungaree dress that you can choose for college or party with friends. The dress is short and flared at the waist. The top has thin straps and just the front flap. A large pocket in the front is one of the classic design features of a dungaree.

7. Embroidered Dungaree Dress:

This gorgeous black dungaree dress is perfect for any time. The embroidery done on the front of the dress is beautiful. The large roses and flowers with leaves are pretty impressive. Side and top pockets are also a good choice.

8. U Neck Pinafore Dress:

Choose this stylish denim pinafore dress and look elegant in it. The U neck of the dress is simple. The large front pockets are a fashion statement and are practical. The denim material is long-lasting and makes for a good choice for young girls.

9. Short Dungaree Dress:

Try out this light blue short dungaree dress and look sexy in it. The dress is short and straight cut. The back is only straps tied both sides. The front is the large flap and a large pocket. The buttons on the sides of the dress are stylish and dazzling.

10. Checkered Dungaree Dress:

This dungaree dress pattern is another cool choice to make. The checkered material is a good choice too. The colours are bold too with blue and green being the main choices. The checks are medium size and this adds to the drama of the dress.

11. Long Pinafore Dress:

A good choice in pinafores is this long pinafore dress that you can buy. This is great for people who prefer long length clothes. The simple style pinafore has two front pockets. The length is just above the ankle. You can add in a long-sleeved top and style it up.

12. Lace Pinafore Dress:

This lace pinafore dress is a total fashion statement that will set you apart. The dress is made of lace rather than denim. The lace is intricate and thin so the flare of the skirt is wonderful. You can combine it with black and white or any other colour choices.

13. Leather Dungaree Dress:

Here is a nice and sexy leather dungaree dress in black. The dress has a nice flare at the waist. The front buttons are white and this creates a great drama. Side pockets of the dungaree dress are another cool and stylish feature.

14. Printed Pinafore Dress:

Choose this dazzling printed pinafore dress and look amazing. The prints are bold and big. You can have the front pockets a bit lower for a stylish twist. This pencil skirt dress is just what you need to make heads turn.

15. Pleated Pinafore Dress:

This light summer dress made in denim is perfect for the hot days. The pleats in the front are a nice design too. The U neck is also great to show off the simple top inside your dress. Choose this pleated pinafore dress and look amazing.

16. Velvet Pinafore Dress:

Velvet is a good choice when you want something amazing and rich. This is perfect for occasions and night parties. The velvet pinafore dress is embroidered with great detail. This can be worn as is or with a stunning top inside.

17. Front Slit Dungaree Dress:

Choosing this spectacular dungaree dress will be the best choice ever. This dungaree dress has a pencil skirt style. The design is accentuated with a long front slit that shows off your curves. Make heads turn with this stunner.

18. Sheer Dungaree Dress:

A long dungaree dress is what you need when you want a vintage look. The sheer material is another great choice that makes you look sexy. This sheer material lets you move freely and is perfect for the summers as well.

19. Front Zip Dungaree Dress:

This dungaree dress is made more stylish with the use of zip. The front of the dungaree dress has a zippered opening. A pencil skirt design, this checkered dungaree dress is just what you need in your wardrobe. A stylish belt accentuates the dress.

20. Ripped End Dungaree Dress:

This hobo style ripped dungaree dress is great for young girls. The ripped end at the bottom of the dress is casually looking. The long skirt makes the dress look simple yet stylish.

21. Button Pinafore Dress:

Choose this striking pinafore dress with front opening. The front opening has a long line of buttons of the same colour. A little slit at the end make the dress quite eye-catching. You can wear this dress without the inner top.

22. Suede Pinafore Dress:

Suede is a cool material to use for pinafores. The wine colour suede pinafore dress can be stylish and elegant with any kind of top. The simple flare of the skirt is just graceful and well designed.

23. Flared Pinafore Dress:

Here is a long pinafore dress with noodle straps. The long dress is stylized with a layer of flare at the very bottom. Use a layered sleeve top inside this pinafore dress and make a complete fashion statement.

24. Ruffle Pinafore Dress:

This stunning pinafore dress has a sexy design element. The ruffles at the side of the skirt are extremely stylish. V neck is another cool feature of this dress. You can just add a sleeveless top inside and make the dress complete.

25. Back Zip Pinafore Dress:

Check out this lovely pinafore dress with back zip. This dress is tight-fitting with a deep V neck. You can wear a long-sleeved striped top inside the dress. The length of the zippered pinafore dress can be short or long.

Dungaree dresses or pinafore dresses are the perfect attire for young girls. They are very youthful and come in a variety of colours. Denim is the most famous material used. Choose the ones with V or U necks and also long or short styles.

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