Top 7 Genie Bra Types And Wearing Tips

Bra, the most commonly worn innerwear of women comes in various styles, cuts and shapes. There are many brands in the commercial market which sell varieties of bra all over the world. Genie is a popular American brand which offers seamless comfort, support and style. It has wireless designs which fit and shapes your breasts perfectly.

Popular Genie Bras And Wearing Tips:

From the numerous lingerie brands, we will discuss the top 7 bras offered by Genie.

1. The Original Genie Bra:

genie bra

The original Genie bra is a classic favourite of all women in America. It gives you seamless and wireless comfort. It has a curve-hugging style which gently shapes your breasts and gives you a smooth silhouette. The fabric feels very soft against your skin and you wouldn’t even want to take it off at night. This bra comes in a variety of colours like white, black, grey, pink, red, yellow and so on. It’s also available in many sizes. It is one of the best genie bras which will be suitable for all women between the age of 25 to 35 years.

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2. Genie Milana Lace Bra:

Genie-Bra 2

This European inspired genie Milana Lace Bra gives you the perfect coverage you require along with super support and gorgeous lift to your bust. The bra is designed in lace. It’s designed in the style of a cami and thus, you will look sassy with a low-cut top or dress over it. It is available in various colours and sizes. This genie bra occupies 1st place in the list of types of bras.

3. The Genie Cool Bra:

Genie-Bra 3

This Genie bra is similar to that of the original Genie bra apart from the fact that this one has cooling fabric to keep you dry and comfortable all day long. It has breathable cups with airflow construction and removable modesty pads. It allows fresh air in. It has a mesh back panel and thus allows your body’s natural cooling system to function properly. The quality cooling yarn used to make this bra lowers your skin temperature.

4. Genie Woman Bra:

Genie-Bra 4

The Genie woman bra is designed to perfectly give you comfort, support and lift. It also helps in giving you the required shape. It defines curves and smooth rolls and bulges with its 360 degrees shaping technology. It has a lace front with three adjustable positions for up to 2” of added lift. It is available in three colours and varied sizes.

5. Genie Zip Bra:

Genie-Bra 5

Genie Zip Bra is amazing with no underwire, back hooks or digging straps. It has a simple zip-up design in front which offers total comfort. Genie zip bra conforms to your shape and thus you get the perfect support and definition you need. You will find this gorgeous bra in three basic colours. It comes in varied sizes.

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6. Custom Fit Multi-Way Genie Bra:

Genie-Bra 6

This custom-fit multi-way bra by Genie offers 30+ unique strap positions that allow you to team up your top wear in different innovative styles. You can go for a classic, cross back, halter, one-shoulder, over the neck and so many more styles. Along with different styles, it also offers you that ultra-comfort, support and shape. It’s available in quite a few colours and shapes.

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7. Genie Sports Bra:

Genie-Bra 7

Wear this sports bra underneath to feel confident during your gym regime or volleyball practice. Its seamless design and comfortable compression allow you the required support and definition. It has a racerback cut and is available in three basic colours. There are varied sizes available.

Genie Bras Wearing Tips:

In the below we discuss genie bras wearing tips and other elements.

Clasping Your Bra At The Back:

A bra has two straps to put each of your arms through it. Slide it over your shoulders and take your hands at the back where you will find hooks and eye closures to clasp the two ends of the bra.

Adjust The Straps For Comfort:

If not adjusted correctly, the straps may hang loose down the shoulders or feel too tight on the skin that it hurts. Bra straps are generally provided with sliders which can be pulled down or up and adjusted as required.

Adjusting The Position Of The Cups:

You can adjust the position of the bra cups by bending down a little. As you are bending down, adjust the position of the cups and check the movement of your breasts. When you feel fine, stand up and check the position of the cups.

I hope that the above article is very useful to you and the genie bras are very comfortable and expensive.