Top 9 22K Gold Chains in Different Designs

Gold is a type of metal in yellow colour. Well, now-a-days it comes in white colour too. You can have gold chain of as many carats you like. But normally 22karat is most prevalent in India. Gold chain is worn by men and women both. They can have some designs in common. While apart from plain, there are so many fabulous designs available in chain. Some of the designs are such that your eyes can’t stop observing it. It gets directly set into the mind. Our grandparents wear simple chain on daily basis. 22K Gold Chains look gorgeous on special occasions.

Beautiful 22K Gold Chains for Men and Women:

Gold chains are precious and demand an attention. Here look at our top 22K Gold Chains in Different Designs.

1. 22k Fancy Balls Gold Chain:

22k Fancy Balls Gold Chain

This 22 karat gold chain is made up of fancy balls. In middle area, the size of the ball is big. While near hook the size gets small.  Two balls on each side are also having red small stone embossed on it. On each ball there is criss-cross pattern. It looks amazing.

2. 22k Indo Italian Gold Chain:

22k Indo Italian Gold Chain

In this 22k gold chain, there is an interlocking design. Two ovals are interlocked with each other. This dual oval is connected with another dual oval through a hook. Like this way, a channel is made. This design in chain rare and will embrace your neck.

3. 22ct Herringbone Gold Chain:

22ct Herringbone Gold Chain -4

This 22k gold chain for men is having an amazing design. It seems like leaves are joined and made a panel. A shape of same size is made to make a stunning chain. Herringbone chain is more popular among males. It is an upgraded version of simple chain.

4. 22k Gourmet Gold Chain:

22k Gourmet Gold Chain

This 22 ct gold chain looks like a curb chain only. A round shape link is made with gold. In this round shape, some design is added to beautify the chain. Little portion of round link is made thick to make it eye-catchy.

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5. 22k Gold Tulsi Chain:

22k Gold Tulsi Chain

This tulsi gold chain 22k weight is used. It is known as tulsi mala. It is more famous among grandmothers. It is made up of using alternate balls of gold and tulsi. A special creation on gold ball design is done. Instead of heavy jewellery, women use this chain.

6. Latest 22k Gold Chain Design:

Latest 22k Gold Chain Design

In this latest design of chain, beautiful creativity is applied. Many strings are joined together and did a design over it. At some portion of string, minute white balls are attached to highlight the design. In this gold chain, 22 carat gold is used.

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7. 22k Gold Chain with Curls:

22k Gold Chain with Curls

This curly 22kt gold chain is just astounding. A really nice curl shape is given to chain. It will look something new in design. It looks like small strings of gold are hanged. This intense gold chain is showing waves like ocean.

8. 22k Sparkle Gold Chain:

22k Sparkle Gold Chain

This gold chain for men 22k possessed with unique design. Rectangle shape design is done which looks like sun rays are bestowing with gold. It is fixed with a hook joining other rectangle shape. It is sparkling and shining.

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9. 22k Gold Twisted Panel Chain:

22k Gold Twisted Panel Chain

This 22k gold chain is a twisted version of simple chain. The whole panel of chain is given a twist and turn. This magnificent is made very thick but not much weighty. This incredible design of chain will cuddle your neck.

We saw so many wonderful designs in 22karat gold chains. The days of simple plain chains are gone. Currently, chains with beautiful designs are more sold. The designs of 22k gold chains will wholeheartedly take up a place in the heart of beholder. 22k Gold chains are precious and demand an attention. You need to clean it at every interval of time.