What Does Your Man’s Tie Tell About His Personality?

What Does Your Man’s Tie Tell About His Personality?

“Colors have been used throughout history to denote characteristics.” – said Dr Ludwig Lowenstein who did the study for tie makers Peckham Rye.

You can quickly tell if a person is timid and quiet or noisy and attention seeking just by looking at what colors they’re wearing.

When men are choosing their neckties there are certain colors that they’re attracted to, that match their character, mood and lifestyle. The colors have meanings and reflect their personalities.

Check out what your man’s tie is telling about his personality!

Red Tie The color red is a symbolic of dominance, passion and sensuality. Red is worn by the ones that are brave and sensual, but self-contained as well. They have a strong personality and a forceful voice with volume. Usually they’re successful, being always in the center of attention. They are 100% not coachable, because of their big ego. They’re living their lives intensely and always get what they want.

What Does Your Man’s Tie Tell About His Personality?What Does Your Man’s Tie Tell About His Personality?

Blue Tie Blue is seen as trustworthy, dependable and committed. Blue tie wearers want to have fun, fun, fun! They like to entertain, to give speeches, to sell things. Their voice is loud and they speak loud. They are stylish and flamboyant, very creative and love convincing you about ideas they’re enthusiastic about.

They’re also disorganized and think about 100 things at the same time.

They are sincere, calm persons with confidence that you can trust.

Orange Tie This color means strength and power, but in the same time with a tendency to be easily swayed by the emotions! This color is a color of joy, creativity and sexuality, with a general sense of wellness. They are the balanced with a bright intellect, motivated and cheerful.

Black Tie The black tie was and will always be the sign of conventionality, a symbol of sadness, mourning. It’s also the color of elegance, class, style.

The black tie says: “I have everything, I can get everything”. These guys are fashionable, strong, chic.

Yellow Tie Usually reflects hope and happiness – being always at your service. Men who wear yellow are open, but indirect. They are kind, with a soft voice and always giving from the heart, never having time for themselves. They’re dependable, caring team players. You can expect lots of hospitality and support, mostly family-oriented.

Gray Tie Gray has a soothing, calming effect. There’s nothing essential in a gray tie. Adds balance to a man’s look without outshining other colors of the outfit. It gives the impression of an ambitious man.

Green Tie Green is the color of the intelligent men, polite and conservative personalities. Organized planners, hard to please, hardly understandable and honest. They are never late and never miss any little detail. But green ties could also suggest greed and jealousy.

Purple TiePurple is a color of royal, expressive and visionary men. Total dreamers, with good judgment, persons that seek for spiritual fulfillment. It is the artists favorite color, even genius you can find, but the kind that never promotes himself. Worn by men that are easy to live with. Purple can also indicate envy and arrogance.

Brown Tie A brown tie indicates ease, stability and comfort. Brown reflects a conservatory personality with special taste for the basis of quality. They usually act wise, open minded with great instincts.