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What Neckline Would Suit Your Face Shape

What Neckline Would Suit Your Face Shape

When out shopping for a t-shirt or top, we first look after colors and styles we like. However, sometimes we forget about other details like the neckline that should flatter our face shape and also our body type.

Different necklines suit and flatter different face and body shapes.

Here are 4 common neckline types – find out what suits you best.

What Neckline Would Suit Your Face Shape

The crewneck is a high and rounded neckline, best for women with a long neck and oval or inverted triangle face shapes. Ladies with a double-chin should avoid these as these can only accentuate and draw attention to the problem area.

The V-neck is one of the most popular type of neckline. A deep V-neck lengthens the neck. Suit women with round or square face shapes. People with wide shoulders should opt for a deeper V-neck while those with narrow ones a higher neckline

What Neckline Would Suit Your Face Shape

Turtleneck has a lengthened collar that’s perfect for women with a short torso as it lengthens. Concerning the face it is best for people with long necks and oblong faces.

Boatneck (or Bateau neckline), a horizontal line that goes from shoulder to shoulder, a real advantage to women with a small bust, narrow shoulders as the boatneck has a widening effect.  People with thin and long necks can also benefit of this neckline.

Let these tips guide you on your next shopping spree!

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