What Not to Wear If You’re Full-Figured

What Not to Wear If You’re Full-Figured

What Not to Wear If You’re Full-Figured

The desire to follow the latest fashion trends and to diversify your wardrobe every season is perfectly normal and understandable. However, like all of us know, fashion should never be followed blindly.

Fashion trends are meant to be general guidelines to help women perk up their style and encourage creativity when it comes to choosing flattering outfits. In order to achieve this worthwhile goal we first need to learn to separate between fashion trends that will be able to emphasize our best features and trends that won’t be doing us any favor, preventing us from looking our best.

Avoiding fattening fashion items is an important step we can take to make sure that fashion decisions we make will be the ones that we can make. Learning to distinguish between the clothes that flatter your figure and those that may look intimidating at first but the rewards will make the learning process a lot more enjoyable.

Unfortunately there are no universal guidelines that everyone can follow for success as each individual has different body features and different perceptions about how the best features should be emphasized. However, the following trends have proven to be universally unflattering for those that want to look slimmer: What Not to Wear If You’re Full-Figured


Inspired by the 70s fashion jumpsuits and rompers seem to have become a leading trend. However most women unanimously agree that this is one of the most unflattering clothing styles ever invented for a variety of reasons. First of all, the romper manages to hide all the feminine curves that are considered attractive. While rompers can do a great job emphasizing the legs, many times the cuts can over-emphasize thighs and expose cellulite.

Mixed prints

Wearing mixed prints is a bold and risky decision when trying to appear slimmer. When wearing prints women should always exercise caution when it comes to how prints are located and how they are distributed. If the wrong choice is made, prints can emphasize the very areas that you are trying to camouflage. When mixing prints or when wearing an all printed outfit these aspects are even harder to control than usually.

That’s why mixed prints are a bib non-no. It’s important to mention that wearing prints is not necessarily a bad thing as long as you can find a style that only highlights your best features.

Acid washed jeans

Jeans are an indispensable item in our wardrobe so it’s natural to want to diversify the style of the jeans. However no matter how anxious you might be to diversify your wardrobe make sure that you don’t include acid washed jeans.

Because of its light and undefined color, this fashion trend inspired from the ’80s is rarely a good choice for anyone, not only for those who are trying to appear slimmer. Also in order to minimize the chances of looking fat when wearing jeans make sure that you avoid any style that doesn’t have pockets on the back.

Flats and ankle strap shoes

While flats, and in particular ballet flats can be the ultimate expression of comfort they can be an extremely unflattering especially for petite women and for those who want their legs to be slimmer. Similarly, ankle strap shoes and sandals can be very tricky to wear as they are tightly wrapped around the feet, emphasizing even the slightest imperfection.

Do your best to avoid these types of footwear if your legs and ankles are not your greatest physical assets and if you want to look slimmer.

What Not to Wear If You’re Full-Figured What Not to Wear If You’re Full-Figured