What Your Clothes Say about You

What Your Clothes Say about You

Nothing seems to reflect better our personality than the clothes we wear. Moreover, the way we dress expresses perfectly our idea of acceptance into a certain group. Our clothes represent a system of symbols that are transposed into different significations by the people around us.

These symbols depend on social culture and can be identified through texture, shape and color. On the other hand, sometimes clothes can hide our real personality and transmit unreal feelings and messages. Therefore, you need to know what fashion is about and be able to adapt it to your personality.

Trends and personality Every season trends change. However, the beauty of the fashion world stands in our capacity of using common sense in order to choose everything with good taste. All latest trends give us the opportunity and freedom to choose. These trends are not made for everyone as every personality has the ability of adapting the already existing trends to their own style. Therefore, whenever choosing something trendy we must think first what’s the main purpose of the item and how can we get the result we are looking for without losing our personality. What Your Clothes Say about You

Personal style In a world of stereotypes where people sometimes tend to take fashion as an induced way of expression, personal style plays a major role. In this context, your personal mark is the one that really counts and can make a difference by connecting two strongly related worlds that apparently seem totally incompatibles: our inner world and our exterior image. In these circumstances, we shouldn’t “wear” fashion, but rather “live” it. Every texture, color and other artificial shape becomes a way of emphasizing different personality aspects.

Classic. If you are more into the classic style, then you are certainly a conservative person who loves stability and perfection. For you, fitting in is an essential thing and the way people see you is crucial. Self-control is one of your main characteristics. When it comes to trends, you are not the biggest fan as you consider them irrelevant and unnecessary. Classic, comfortable style is for you, and you prefer darker, plain colors rather than patterns or prints.

Your wardrobe is elegant, refined with simple and clean tailoring. You usually prefer suits with pants or skirt, and you try to avoid avangardist or too severe clothes. Be careful as you might transmit a dull image that lacks imagination. In order to avoid this thing and give a fresh feel to your look, you can wear colorful scarves, brooches or interesting textures.

What Your Clothes Say about You

Trendy. You try to follow all the trends paying a lot of attention to what you are wearing. Your wardrobe has both trendy items, but also basic ones. For you, being trendy is crucial as this places you in the center of attention creating a positive image of who you are. You dress to impress both men and women, but you always feel like standing out from the crowd. Fashion for you is the key to social life and the reflection of your need to be accepted in a group.

Non-conformist. You are more the creative type who loves to play with styles and fabrics by mixing modern clothing items with vintage ones in the most unique way. You are not afraid to show your real personality and express your opinions even if sometimes they are totally different of the people around you. For you, freedom, in all its meanings, is the most important thing, and you reject any type of stereotypes, while commitments are a no-no.

Friendly and joyful characters love to wear floral prints.

Practical persons will always choose shoes that they can use to different occasions. They are very smart women, able to solve any problem.

If you are ambitious, you probably like clothes with long sleeves. You don’t care if sometimes your look is rather old-fashioned as your goals are the ones that really matter.

Prudent characters always look to match things correctly and impeccably as they don’t like to take chances. Nevertheless, they should be careful as life can be sometimes unpredictable.

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