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Worst Fashion Mistakes Men Make

Worst Fashion Mistakes Men Make

Even the smallest detail can ruin your look if you’re going for an elegant outfit, so make sure you avoid the worst fashion mistakes men make. Whether your style is more casual or you like to dress up often, discover the style errors can can ruin any outfit.

From ill-fitting clothes to small details you wouldn’t normally consider, here are some of the worst fashion mistakes men make, even when they’re not complete style novices.

Curled Dress Shirt Collars

Wearing a dress shirt that’s not properly ironed is pointless, since you’ll still look like you put no effort into your outfit. You might get away with small creases if you wear a blazer over your shirt, but a dead giveaway is the curled collar. If you’ve tried ironing it and it’s still misshapen, it’s time to bring out the big guns: collar stays always keep you looking elegant and crisp.

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Improperly Tailored Pants

Getting your pants hemmed correctly is an effort that always pays off, since pants that are too long are one of the worst fashion mistakes men make. The right length is simple to determine: the hem of your pants can go down almost all the way to the floor, but it shouldn’t ever touch it when you’re standing up.

Worst Fashion Mistakes Men Make

Showing Too Much or Too Little Skin

Deep V-necks for casual looks are rarely a good look. Whether you want to show off your muscles, chest hair or fresh wax job, just don’t. At the other end of the spectrum, wearing the wrong undershirt under a dress shirt is an equally bad look. When it comes to undershirts, the V-neck is the right way to go, since white crew necks peeking from under your shirt are just ugly.

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Wearing the Wrong Socks

Some of the worst fashion mistakes men make have to do with sock color. First of all, white is only for sports, stick to darker colors when you decide to wear a suit. You should never match your socks to your shoes, they’re supposed to be as close as possible to the color of your pants. Always double-check the length too. The only thing showing when you sit down is your socks, never your skin.

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Untucked Dress Shirts

You can easily tell if a shirt is supposed to be tucked in or not based on its length. A dress shirt is never supposed to lift out of your pants, so it’s longer than regular shirts. If it’s covering your entire butt, it has to be tucked in. For a more casual look, you can try wearing untucked dress shirts, but choose shorter ones, that end around halfway down your butt, but not shorter than that.

Mismatched Belt

When you’re wearing an elegant outfit, with dress shoes, pay attention to your belt. One of the worst fashion mistakes men make is to completely mismatch them, for example, patent leather black shoes with brown leather belt. Go for a thin dress belt that’s not clashing with your shoes, but it doesn’t have to look like it came from a matching set either.

Going Overboard With a Tan

The overly tanned look is a matter of preference, but if you spray tan regularly, you won’t be able to keep your shirt collars white for long. Even if you tan isn’t runny and you never end up staining your clothes with it, try to keep it on the natural looking side of the spectrum, as opposed to Jersey Short orange.

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Too Much Jewelry

Usually, a watch is all your need in terms of jewelry, but you can pull off a ring as well. Just make sure it’s not a pinky ring. One of the worst fashion mistakes men make is cramming too much jewelry into a look that’s supposed to be elegant. If you’re wearing more than one ring, keep jewelry separate from looks that involve silk shirts, unless you’re in Vegas.

Black Tie Over Wing Collars

One of the most important details of a black tie look is the fact that no matter how your bow tie is secured, you shouldn’t show off any elements like sliders or garters. Luckily, most dress shirts have a collar perfectly suited to hiding it. Regular bow ties aren’t a good look, and they’ll detract from your style points.

Abusing the Cologne

Wearing too much cologne is worse than wearing none at all. If you need to smell good to feel good, a dash will do. Even if you manage to avoid all the worst fashion mistakes men make, you’re not stylish if people can smell your cologne from across the room.

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