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Worst Fashion Trends of 2020

Worst Fashion Trends of 2020

Even the biggest designers try to push trends that aren’t going anywhere, and some of those become the bane of fashionistas everywhere. If you’ve rocked these trends in 2020, maybe it’s time to let them go and look forward to the more flattering and less eccentric trends of 2020.

See some of the worst fashion trends of 2020 and decide if you’ll let them into your looks next season or simply forget your ever liked them in the first place. From popular items like bejeweled baseball caps to the worst celebrity trend of 2020, here are the ugliest fashion trends of this year.

Low-Raise Waists

Flattering for models, low-raise waists aren’t that fashionable or comfortable for most women. The trend of low-raise tops almost died in 2020, but it still plagued 2020 collections. If you actually enjoy showing off your belly-button, you don’t need to drop this trend, because it’s already been spotted on the catwalk for 2020 collections.


Worst Fashion Trends of 2020source

After having a pretty good year in 2020, peplum exploded into one of the worst fashion trends of 2020. It can still be flattering and feminine, but more and more fashionistas are saying no to the peplum, especially in the variety that also exposes your midriff. Don’t wear out your peplum pieces, they’ll certainly circle back in a few years, but give them a break in 2020.

Harem and Pajama Pants

Worst Fashion Trends of 2020

Despite being less than flattering, harem pants have made a big splash this year, both on the runway and in street style. Let go of the extra volume if you never liked it and while you’re at it, also drop the pajama pants. They can make a big fashion statement in the right print, but most of the time that statement is “I don’t really care about fashion”.

Flatform Shoes

Definitely one of the worst fashion trends of 2020, flatforms have almost burnt through all the fashion goodwill this year. Even though some are original and eye-catching footwear, they’re not really flattering and most women don’t find them comfortable either. Say good-bye to flatforms in 2020, even though they might still pop up in designer collections from time to time.

Fancy Sweatshirts and Sweatpants

Worst Fashion Trends of 2020

From sweatshirts with prints that try to be cool way too hard to the fashion nightmare of denim sweatpants, it’s time to reconsider how these types of items fit into your 2020 wardrobe. Unless your style is impeccable and fancy sweatshirts and sweatpants are just the odd error, it’s time to boot them for good.

Wedge Boots and Sneakers

Wedge sneakers have had their chance in the spotlight and tall wedge boots have partially replaced them this year as one of the ugliest fashion trends of 2020. Say good-bye to both trends and give the wedges a rest with more comfortable shoes that are just as trendy.

Too-Short Shorts

Worst Fashion Trends of 2020source

Save the short shorts and the cutoffs for summer music festival and barbecues in 2020. They’ve already been everywhere this year and it’s time for your butt cheeks to have a rest. You can tell short shorts that are way too short have become one of the worst fashion trends of 2020 since almost every “sexy” Halloween costume features them.

Cowl-Necks and Other Droopy Sweaters

Both cowl-neck and waterfall sweaters have run their course this year, so don’t bet on them still being stylish next year. They’re one of the worst fashion trends of 2020 because the extra volume is rarely flattering. Drop the droopy sweaters and go for more fitted trends next season.

Bejeweled Baseball Caps

Worst Fashion Trends of 2020source

The baseball cap has been one of the most ubiquitous sports-inspired fashion accessories in 2020, and can’t be missed from any list of the ugliest fashion trends this year. If they’re bejeweled or extra shiny, forget about them next spring and don’t look back.

Grillz – Worst Celebrity Trend of 2020

Worst Fashion Trends of 2020

Many celebrities have taken style risks that didn’t pay off this year, but one of the worst fashion trends of 2020 has been worn inside their mouths. Madonna, Katy Perry and other celebrities are guilty of one of worst fashion trends of 2020. Wearing grillz outside of hip-hop culture doesn’t make anyone look cool, what it does is suck out every drop of cool in your look.

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