10 Healthy Foods That Are Making You Fat

10 Healthy Foods That Are Making You Fat

Sustainable weight loss is easier once you develop a few healthy eating habits, but even when you think you’re eating the right way, a few foods can lead to weight loss if you forget about portion control.

Here are healthy foods that are making you fat, foods that you should only consume in moderation. Even though they have a lot to offer nutritionally, they can also push your calorie intake too far. If you’re looking to stick to your ideal weight, make sure that you’re paying attention to these foods and drinks.

1. Avocado

Rich in fiber and monounsaturated fats, avocado is healthy for your heart, skin, and it can also reduce the risk of diabetes. However, as healthy as its fats are, they can still make a dent in your weight loss plan. If you love it and want to eat it every day, make sure that you’re not adding too much fat to your diet.

2. Granola

One of the most dangerous healthy foods that are making you fat, granola packs a lot of fiber, but additions like dried fruits and honey can make it a very calorie-dense food. A lot of granola also has added sugars and oils, so the fat and carb content is higher than you might think. Enjoy it by sticking to single serving bags or bars.

3. Agave Nectar

Splenda and other artificial sweeteners can make you overeat, since your body gets tricked by the sweetness into thinking it’s getting calories, which causes major cravings later on. However, the worst natural sweetener is agave nectar since it has over 70% fructose, which is actually more than sugar. High levels of fructose have been linked to fatty deposits in the abdominal area and too much agave nectar can also affect your metabolism.

4. Veggie Chips

Even though they sound better than potato chips, vegetable chips also fall into the category of seemingly healthy foods that are making you fat. Making your own with a little olive oil is a good idea, since the processed varieties can be very high in fat and sodium. Many veggie chips actually pack as many calories as potato chips, which are labeled as junk food.

5. Sushi

The main ingredients in sushi, vegetables, fish and seaweed, won’t deliver too many calories, but the sauces and the preparation can turn sushi from a healthy snack into fatty fast food. Avoid tempura and sauces that are made with mayo or cream cheese, since they can easily add up hundreds of calories to a single roll of sushi.

6. Dried Fruit

Because it’s dehydrated, dried fruit is a lot easier to overeat than fresh fruit. While the balance between fiber and sugar in most fruits is usually good, dried fruits can end up as one of the healthy foods that are making you fat. Some varieties of dried fruit and frozen fruit contain added sugar, but even without it, the difference between a cup of fresh vs dried fruit can be hundreds of calories.

7. Gluten-Free Foods

When you’re on a gluten-free diet, you might think that most foods that are fit this dietary option are healthy. In fact, they can be heavily processed and even pack more calories than those with gluten. A much better way to sticking to your dietary needs is option for naturally gluten-free grains, like quinoa, buckwheat and millet.

8. Yogurt

While Greek yogurt isn’t on the list of healthy foods that are making you fat, almost every other type of flavored or sweetened sugar is. Even if you’re opting for yogurt flavored with berries, you’re still getting a lot of sugar. Frozen yogurt can also pack as many calories as ice cream, so make sure that you stick to natural yogurts with live and active cultures.

9. Tofu

Soy and tofu are considered healthy, but when they’re part of a meal you order at a restaurant, you might be getting a lot of calories, thanks to added fat and sugar, whether it’s deep fried or served with fatty sauces.

10. Orange Juice

If you don’t drink it in moderation, orange juice can also become one of the healthy foods that are making you fat. The reason is that most of the fiber from the fruit is lost, while all of the sugar is still there. Whether it’s store bought or freshly squeezed, don’t drink it regularly as a replacement for fruit.

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