25 Best Home Remedies to Cure and Control Cough

Do you know the one most common health problems that you are prone to? Are you aware about that one health crisis that equally occurs among children, young adults as well as aged people? The answer to these questions is Cough. It is one of the most prevalent issues that people complain about all over the world. To ensure that there is proper treatment of this discomforting problem, one not only needs to get a professional check up but also adhere to some home remedies that can help in fastening the results.

Home Remedies For Cough

This guide is purely dedicated to some of the top 25 home remedies for cough problem that can be used for treatment of cough. Make a pick of 1-2 from the list and ensure that you use it regularly till the problem subsides.

Best Natural Home Remedies For Cough:

1. Honey Cough Syrup:

One of the homemade recipes for treating cough is to make honey syrup at home and consume it daily. Either honey can be taken as one teaspoon two times in a day or else it can be mixed with lemon juice and coconut oil to get the outcomes. It will surely give you maximum advantages.

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2. Warm Shower:

Showering Woman

To treat the congestion in the chest and in the throat, the best that can be done is to take a warm shower. This will help in curing the cough perfectly. It should be done 2 times a day in the morning and in the evening. It will give instant relief from cough symptoms as well.

3. Have Fluids:

Drinking water woman3

Along with ensuring 10 glasses of plain water each day, it is important to have a lot of other healthy fluids where cough is concerned. This will help in thinning down the mucus and give proper cure to cough in a couple of days. You can include soups, teas and fresh fruit juices.

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4. Thyme Tea:

Thyme Tea

Prepare a cup of thyme tea by boiling thyme leaves in a cup of water and straining it. This should be taken lukewarm with a little honey for added benefits. It is a perfect way to ensure a cough remedy at home in a safe and effective manner.

5. Marshmallow Wonders:

Marshmallow Wonders

Prepare a cup of marshmallow tea by boiling the dried herb of marshmallow with water and then having it at least once in a day. This should be done on a routine basis till the problem subsides completely. It is a good home remedy for the crisis.

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6. Ginger For Cough:

The anti inflammatory properties of ginger and the medicinal qualities make it a perfect natural product for a lot of health ailments including cough. You can extract the juice from ginger and take 1 teaspoon with honey or else grate ginger and include it in the dishes. A cup of ginger tea can also be prepared.

7. Vapour Rub:

vicks vaporub

Vapour rub is easily available in the market and can be kept handy. This home remedy can be used on the chest and on the throat for getting relief from the cough. It should be done at night before hitting the bed. Some camphor powder can be added for better results.

8. Humidifier:

Use a Humidifier

A lot of times cough is the cause of the dry air caused especially in the winter seasons. The best that can be done here is to use a humidifier in the room that adds moisture to the air. It helps in treatment of cough for cure.

9. Licorice:


For the treatment of inflamed and irritated throat that is causing you to cough, the best is to use licorice root form which licorice candy is made. It eases the coughing. You can keep a licorice candy in the mouth for the purpose.

10. Honey And Lemon:

honey and lemon

Both of these items are independently also great home remedies for cough and honey is the hero in the list of course. To make the medicine what you must do is simply mix honey and lemon juice in a glass of warm or hot water and mix the water very well till the whole thing is mixed very well. Now consume this mixture slowly. It will soothe your throat.

11. Garlic Removes Cough:

Garlic 2

This is also an age-old home remedy for cough and you can include garlic as much as you can in your everyday diet to keep away the symptoms of garlic. First of all, you can boil 3-4 cloves of garlic in water along with some oregano and have this organic tea. Alternatively you can simply crush some garlic, mix with honey and consume it.

12. Milk And Honey:

Milk and Honey Combo

The already delicious combination of milk and honey is also a way of cough treatment at home and this is simply more than some good news. Also, the good part is that the mixture of a spoonful of honey in a glass of milk does not even take much time to heal the problem. Just take it at night and you will find magical results the next morning.

13. Cayenne To Overcome Cough:

Cayene Pepper

To make the best cough home remedies in the form of natural cough syrup, cayenne pepper plays a great role here. You can take some cayenne pepper and mix with it some ginger, honey, water and apple cider vinegar. Mix this solution very well and consume it at least thrice daily till your cough is cured completely.

14. Carrots Get Rid Of Cough:


The carotene content in this beautiful red vegetable is very effective as one of the home remedies for cough. It is very simple to cure dry cough with carrots. Just take 2-3 carrots and then mix some water and prepare a juice out of it all. Now drink this juice 3-4 times a day. You can also add a little amount of honey to this juice. Carrots are one of the best natural home remedies for cough problem.

15. Grapes:


Grapes are a natural home remedy for cough and it can be consumed very easily without even mixing anything. Just consume whole grapes to clear mucus which causes cough. You can also make fresh grape juice by adding some water and consuming it a few times everyday. You can also add a little honey for added benefits and flavours.

16. Almonds:



This is a very interesting solution because it simply does not seem like you are consuming some kind of medicine with mismatch of ingredients. You just have to take about dozen of almonds and soak them in plain water overnight. In the next morning just strain the water and make a smooth paste of the almonds. To this add some butter and consume this a few times every day.

17. Hot Water Gargling:


This is one of the most common home remedies for cough which is followed by everyone at least once. You just have to take hot water and mix a little amount of salt in the water. Now simply gargle with this water till it is hot and spit it out. Repeat the process with one full glass of water.

18. Raisins:


Can you imagine that something as tasty as a caramelized raisin sauce can be such an effective remedy to prevent sough symptoms? It is however true. For this you need to soak about 100 gm of raisins in water and then make a fine paste of this. Now in a pan mix it with sugar caramel and store properly. Have a spoon of this every day before going out.

19. Black Pepper For Cough:

black pepper

Just like we have already read in places that spicy food helps to thinner the mucous which cause cold, flu and congestion, simple black pepper is also very effective in curing common cough problems. Take a little pepper and a little honey in a cup and pour in very hot water. Now mix this very well till even the flakes are dispersed. Now consume this solution at least twice a day.

20. Apple Cider Vinegar:

apple cider vinegar

This is one such remedy which will make you feel like you are having some medicine because it does not taste good at all but is definitely very effective. Just take some apple cider vinegar and mix with a cup of warm water. Mix very well and then drink this mixture at least twice every day till you are cured.

21. Green Tea:

green tea

Green tea is one type which serves like an angel for anybody. It is because green tea features in the list of many remedies for different ailments, disorders and problems. Here too green tea plays an important role in curing dry cough. Just do not forget to add some honey to the green tea.

22. Cinnamon:

Cinnamon sticks

This is going to be the easiest of all the remedies because cinnamon consumed in any form proves to be a warm substance and thus helps in sufficing dry cough symptoms. Just take some hot water and dip a cinnamon stick in it or some crushed cinnamon powder and let the goodness infuse. Drink it after some time. Repeat as needed.

23. Turmeric For Cough:

turmeric spice on a wooden spoon, isolated on white background

This ingredient can be used in a number of ways to cure cough syndromes. Here we shall talk about the most common two. First you can boil a cup of water and then add some turmeric, cinnamon and honey to this water and drink it as tea or simply dissolve turmeric and honey in hot water and have the solution.

24. Flax Seeds:

Flax Seeds

This is a very effective Home remedy for cough and you can make a permanent herbal medicine with this. For this you need to put 2-3 tablespoons of flax seeds to some water and boil and reduce well. Now bring down to room temperature and store properly. Just take half a cup of this solution and drink it whenever needed.

25. Aniseed Tea:

Aniseed tea

This is yet another herbal solution to heal cough and sooth mucous related cough syndromes. Just boil some water with 2-3 spoons of aniseed and make a spicy tea and now consume it nicely after steeping it for some time.

Cough is an even more problematic issue than common flue and runny noses. These are thus some of the best cough home remedies for you to choose from.