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25 Simple and Effective Home Remedies for Back Pain

With increasing pressures of daily life, more and more stress is formed on the body leading to various muscular issues. Among the most common muscle problems, back pain is something that is experienced by a lot of people among the population. Sometimes, it is the result of bad posture and some of muscle stiffness. However, the reasons can be many, but once you start suffering, the only thing in mind is the right cure for back pain. Among the various forms of treatments, there is nothing better than using home remedies for efficient results and relief on the back area.

home remedies for back pain

Natural home remedies can be applicable in a situation of pain on back where you can treat your problems from the comforts of your home. If you are looking for some of the best natural home remedies for back pain, then the guide below is a perfect one to go through. Keep reading!

Best Natural Home Remedies For Back Pain:

1. Ice Pack Application:

Home Remedies for Headache - Ice Pack

One of the right things to do is to apply ice packs on the affected areas. This will help in treatment of the back pain by reducing the swelling and inflammation in the region. You can take a plastic bag with ice cubes and apply it on the back along with a towel in a session of 15-20 minutes. This can be followed 1-2 times in a day for best outcomes.

2. Get A Massage:

Massages 6

A good massage using lubricant oil helps in improving the blood flow in the region as well as releasing pressure from the stiff muscles. A massage should be taken once every day and possibly by a professional to get the outcomes. Use aroma oils to get better results.

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3. Basil Leaves For Back Pain:

  • Boil fresh leaves in a cup of water until the water reduces to half the amount.
  • This should be brought to lukewarm temperature and then a hint of salt should be added.
  • For mild back pain take it once and for sever take it twice daily.
  • This is one of the proved home curing treatment for back pain.

4. Yoga Helps:

A good natural home remedy to have freedom from the discomforting back pain is to adhere to yoga techniques every day. One should have a session of 15-30 minutes of yoga that will help the body stretch and release the pressure on the muscles. Along with this, it will also strengthen the muscles to ensure the back pain is not only treated but also avoided.

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5. Poppy Seeds:

Poppy Seeds

Poppy seeds need to be grinded into a smooth powder along with rock candy. This powder should be stored and eaten everyday in the quantity of 2 teaspoons with a glass of milk. Have it two times in a day and see how well it treats the back ache.

6. Ginger For Back Pain:

It is known to have great anti inflammatory properties. Ginger paste if applied at the back along with a little eucalyptus oil is one of the ways to get the benefits. Further, ginger tea can also be prepared at home by boiling some pieces of ginger in a cup of water and then having it with a little honey. These are some of the ways to treat back ache.

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7. Wheat:

wheatgrass juice

Wheat is one natural product known for its analgesic properties. This helps in reduction of pain from the back. To use wheat to your advantage, some wheat should be soaked in water at night and in the morning coriander and cuscus grass should be added. Add a cup of milk to this and bring the solution to a boil. This thick mixture should be taken two times in a day in lukewarm conditions.

8. Garlic:

It is one of the effective products used for treating back pain in a home remedial way. Garlic oil can be used to massage the back or a few cloves of garlic can be eaten each day for treatment and for a lot of other benefits.

9. Chamomile Tea:

Chamomile has soothing properties that helps in releasing pressure from the muscles. Having 2-3 cups of fresh chamomile tea prepared at home is a good way to treat back pain. Chamomile flowers can be used for the purpose. The best natural home treatment for back pain is chamomile tea.

10. Herbal Oil:

Herbal Oil

The essentials of herbal oil can only be realized when a good massage soothes your inflamed back as you relax, laid down on your front. Herbal oils include eucalyptus, lavender, olive oil and such which holds within them the capability of combating inflammation while opening up the twitches in your muscle which would allow your pain to subside.

11. Epsom Salt:

Salt epsom

Epsom salt is a good antibacterial relief and can be good for back pain remedies. This also helps in preventing inflammation, redness and swelling. Every day during shower add a mixture of baking soda and Epsom salt to your bathing water or simply make a thick solution of Epsom salt and water and apply it on your back.

12. Swimming:

Swimming for weight loss

Swimming in the initial stages might cause a little muscle pain but once you are used to this, you would often notice swimming is a good back pain remedy. Once you get the muscles working, the constant work out that every fiber, muscle and sinew of your body faces gets the stiff muscles working. Your back muscles get the most strain as you move both your upper and lower limbs and through the process your worked out body will start releasing the pain.

13. Acupressure For Back Pain:

Back pain Acupressure

There is absolutely nothing a little age old Chinese wisdom can’t cure. Acupressure was invented by Chinese wisdom, a quick way to get rid of tension from your body as the free flowing energy or chi as they call releases itself from the grasp of the knot, the knot being the tension area. Acupressure believes in applying forced pressure but only on the compressed spots that release the tensed muscles and lets the chi flow free, thereby releasing muscle pain on the back.

14. Hot Compress:

Hot Pack Massage

Every time the pain shoots up your spine, put a kettle to boil and give yourself a nice warm hot bag compress. A lot of time the heat generated from the hot bag would allow your muscles to lose the stiffness. The stiffness most of the time is the primary cause for muscle pain and now this can be tackled with the compress. It is one of the best home remedies for back pain.

15. Soft Stretches:

Home remedies for back pain also include a little exercise, just the basics that would not go hard on your already stinging back but only soothe and relax your muscles a bit. This is why soft stretches, a few twists and a little bend over forward and backwards can actually help you deal with small time muscle cramps on the back.

16. Calcium Storage:

Milk more

A lot of these times, the lack of proper bone structure in your back, that is the spine can be a cause for your back pain. At this time consuming milk, a steady source of vitamin and calcium can be useful for you in the long run. This is also applicable for backbone arthritis and proper care from now will allow you to combat the back pain in the near future. Calcium pills also help.

17. Sleep Posture For Back Pain:

Sleeping Positons

A lot of times remedies for back pain can lie within the pose or posture you choose to sleep with. An ugly posture would put a lot of strain in your back muscles and therefore try rectifying your posture to get the stubborn back pain away from you.

18. Weight Check:

Weight Check

A part of home remedy to back pain would also include you going down to the sources to discover whether the back pain is simply exterior or is some internal disorder actually causing the pain to increase each day. Over weight and obesity causes too much pressure on your back bone and therefore might cause back pain.

19. Food Intake:

oil food for fair skin

Your food intake should be nutritive and digestive enough for you to have a proper functioning body. Excessive gas formation within your body can too be accounted for back pain as the gas pushes the organs around to make more space. Always opt for an external enzyme or  herbs to get your digestion fixed.

20. Sitting Posture:

Sitting posture

Also a lot of time, the way you choose to sit speaks a lot about your posture or your back pain. on a daily basis one must be going through strenuous office meetings or front desk jobs, where you are required to sit all day long and many a times your sitting posture is the main reason for your back pain. fix the way you sit. Either recline back with a straight spine or sit up straight.

21. Dampen Situations:

Home Remedies For Back Pain

A part of the home remedy or cure to back pain naturally would also require you to change your bed settings or basically the dampened environment in your house. Probably due to lack of sunshine or old age, things like your mattress, couch cushion or pillow dampens with the days and it is these dampness that causes not only back but also body aches in your system. Try opting for a more airy room with enough sunlight or simply get a new mattress.

22. Smoke Less:

no smoking

A study revealed that heavy smokers are often linked with bad back pains and the reason for it is the nicotine in your system that restricts and limits the blood from flowing freely with causes a lot of stiffness or lack of flexibility in your body, a major cause for back pain.

23. Tai Chi:


Sign up for a new class this time as Tai chi is also recognized as a good home based fun martial art practice that would keep your joints and muscles flexible allowing you to have a better back.

24. Meditation For Back Pain:


After a long day’s hard work when you come back home a broken back and a tiresome feel, don’t immediately hit your bed. Always end the day with a little meditation which may not directly affect your back pain but is a pathway to curing the stubborn pain. meditation relaxes your body giving you your muscles the much needed rest.

25. Green Tea:

green tea

The last to the list of home remedies include a nice long sip from the steaming cup of green tea which among the many other benefits can also release the pain from your muscle sinews and joints.

back pain is a normal cause especially in a busy working day. the long hours of office and the strain or tension definitely adds a few ounce of pain to the already stiff back and often back pains can get really messy when it comes to moving around or bending down.

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