5 Simple Things to Increase Height After 18 Years

Eighteen years may sound like an exciting age for some! Right to vote, right to drive can breathe a lease of new life. But for the others, eighteen can be depressing. People who have remained short all their lives are likely to lose all hopes of growing tall. But not anymore! We shall help you learn how to increase height after 18 years using simple tips and tricks!

At eighteen years, an average adolescent body undergoes massive hormonal changes. Human Body is governed by hormones and hormones, in turn, are governed by our lifestyles. In order to gain height, the main hormone in use is, the Human Growth Hormone (HGH). This triggers the growth of bones and muscles. Some believe that 18 is the last stop for the HGH. But that’s not true. One can grow as long as the hormone is secreted. Thus to get the hormones to act up, we must follow the basic few steps that will ensure height gain.

Tips To Increase Naturally Height After 18:

Here are our natural ways to increase height after 18 Years.

  1. Have a Balanced Meal.
  2. Exercises to Increase Height.
  3. Adequate Sleep.
  4. Things to Avoid.
  5. Genetic Factor.
  6. FAQs.

How We Increase Height After 18?

Here is a detailed information on how to increase height after 18 years:

1. Have a Balanced Meal:

Have a Balanced Meal

If you want to look tall, you must aim towards looking lean. The first step to that is to eat right and maintain your weight. Including certain foods can stimulate your growth hormones and increase their production. They also offer complete nutrition to enable a healthy growth. Here’s how to increase height at 18:

Height Increasing Foods:

Your meal must contain the following things to maintain weight and grow tall. These include:

  • Lean Protein: white poultry meat, fish, soy, and dairy products.
  • Calcium: dark leafy green vegetables and dairy products (yogurt and milk).
  • Vitamin D: Fish, eggs and mushrooms.
  • Other Nutrients: zinc, manganese and phosphorus help aid growth.

Tips: Do not skip breakfast at any cost. Also, try eating smaller and frequent meals as this will increase your metabolism levels and balance your BMI. Above all, drink plenty of water.


2. Exercise:

Exercises to increase height after 18

Given the high energy levels at teenage and till puberty, one needs to do a lot of exercises. It will keep you fit and will just about yank up your height. Certain activities help in stretching your spine and improving your flexibility. This can show a visible difference in your overall height. Also, weight management is important to increase your height. Being obese puts up a lot of pressure on your spine and lead to growth stunt. Here’s how to increase height naturally after 18 using exercises:

Height Increase Exercises:

The following exercises are proven to be effective in increasing your height:

  • Skipping and jumping
  • Basketball or other team sports which involves stretching
  • Swimming
  • Gymnastics
  • Free hand stretching
  • Yoga and Pilates

Tips: All of the above work on the same Darwinian Theory, which did the trick with the giraffe’s neck. This means that if we stretch out regularly or do activities that help you stretch, then the chances are that the HGH will be channelized in the right direction. If nothing else, then it will maintain your weight and keep the body lean.


3. Adequate Sleep:

Adequate Sleep to Increase Height After 18

Sleeping is the time when the muscles rest and the body grows. The pituitary gland secretes HGH during the deep sleep phase. So get plenty of sleep and give the body a chance to grow. About 9-11 hours is just fine. But this will also not work if you skip steps 1 and 2 above, in which case the body will grow horizontally!

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Tips: Keeping your posture right while asleep is important to increase height. Curling up or bending can compress your spine and stunt your growth.


4. Things to Avoid:

Avoid Smoking & Drinking

Now that you know how to increase height after 18 for male and female users, you need also to know what stops the growth in the first place, While there are three steps to grow tall there are a few caveats that need to be followed in order to avoid putting brakes on your efforts.

  • Do not hunch back or slouch. Walk straight and maintain good posture. Good posture always makes you look tall.
  • Don’t stay indoors all the time. Sunlight helps absorption of Vitamin D in our body. So go out and play.
  • Avoid alcohol; there is a reason why the drinking age is higher.
  • Avoid drugs and hallucinates: they confuse your hormones.
  • Avoid smoking: it stops your primary growth altogether, thereby effecting height gain.
  • And Avoid steroids or supplements: your body is new and fit so go for natural options. Induced supplements are bound to have side effects on your body which will surface someday. Don’t create complications for your body.


5. How Genetics Play A Role In Your Height?

Increase Height

Genetics can play a major role in determining the height. Unfortunately, whether you have a tall gene depends upon your parents. Having shorter parents indicates that your height will tend to be on the shorter side. But on the flip side, it can also indicate the presence of a dormant tall gene which sometimes skips a generation. Genes can be tricky that way.

Eighteen is certainly not the end of the rope with these height increase tips. Scientific studies have proven that height can increase up to 6 inches after we hit 18. Our bodies never stop growing. All we need to do is channelize the hormones in the right direction. Increased awareness of postures and making small changes in your lifestyle can make a “big” difference in your height. Eighteen is an age to rejoice and welcome the new!


Frequently Asked Questions & Answers:

Q1. Are There Any Height Increasing Products That Work?

Ans: There are many products in the market that claim to increase height after 18. The effectiveness of these remains questioned. The main funda is that they improve your growth hormones, which are responsible for increasing height. While we are unsure whether they work or not, their side effects are quite harmful to the body.

Q2. What Is Limb Lengthening Surgery?

Ans: A limb lengthening surgery is a surgical procedure which involves lengthening of your bones. This complex procedure involves breaking of your leg bones and inserting rods. An internal fixator is adjusted inside by 1mm till the desired height is reach. This is a dangerous procedure and involves plenty of risks!

Q3. What is the easiest way to gain height after 18?

Ans: There is no easy route to success, including height! However, if you want to look taller instantly, investing on elevator shoes and heels can do the trick. These shoes come with a platform heel or raised heel to give an illusion of 2-3 inches taller. They come in all designs, styles and patterns to go along with different types of outfits.

4. How Can I Increase Height After 18 Naturally?

Ans: Natural procedures may be time taking, but are effective and safe. Yoga is considered to be the best form of exercise, which involves proper stretching of muscles. Also, certain asanas are known to stimulate your hormones responsible for height increase. You need to practise them regularly to see visible results!

5. What are the best exercises to increase height?

Ans: There are many exercises that are known to improve your height. Certain asanas like Cobra pose, warrior pose, tree pose help in stretching your spine and elongate it. You need to combine these poses with the right breathing exercises to channelize the proper flow of energy. Hard work and determination can play a key role in achieving your goals.

6. Is it Possible To Increase Height After 18 Years?

Ans: Although it is said that the growth hormones stop getting secreted after 18, there is no proof to it. In fact, experts opine that there is no specific age limit for growth. Factors like genetics, lifestyle, exercises and diet play a role in deciding this limit. You may notice an instant growth spurt after puberty which can lead to height increase after 18 years.