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6 Fun Weight Loss Tricks

6 Fun Weight Loss Tricks

Re-think your cooking habits and define the changes you want in your look and health condition. Balance portions and take special care of calorie intake. Snack on vitamin-rich vegetables and fruits to get rid of the guilt of overeating and munching. Skim through this list of 6 fun weight loss tricks and start the transformation right here and right now!

1. Start Lunch with Raw Vegetables

If you want to control your appetite on a long term, it is highly recommended to use this simple slimming maneuver. Start your lunch with raw vegetables or a delicious salad in which you combine carrots, lettuce, celery and other ingredients. This is the secret to make sure you consume less from the calorie-rich main dishes.

6 Fun Weight Loss Tricks

2. Swap Meat Sandwich for Avocado Sandwich

Opt for easy-to-digest snacks to keep your metabolism and digestive system in top shape. Ditch sausage and other high-fat types of meat for avocado and other veggie wraps.

A similar low-calorie sandwich will do perfectly for lunch or breakfast. Make the most of the antioxidant-content of avocado and lose weight without actually noticing it.

3. Eat Quinoa Pasta

Incorporate quinoa into your cooking plan and enjoy the nutritive benefits of this tasty whole grain. Swap brown rice and other difficult-to-digest elements with this simple diet food you’ll find at every grocery store. Look for recipes which require the use of quinoa. Team it up with veggies and coconut oil rather than olive oil or meat.

4. Eat Fruit Before Your Main Meal Not After

This is one of the common mistakes dieters make. Eating a fruit right after finishing a main meal can create a real obstacle for your digestive system. Different fruits are broken down very quickly, therefore if you have them as dessert, your digestive system will be too busy dealing with the nutrients from the main dish and the fruits will actually rot in your stomach before being digested. It sounds pretty scary! Therefore, have your fave fruit either 2 hours later or 30 minutes before having your lunch or dinner.

5. Ditch Cooked Fruit Spreads

Are you fond of delicious cooked fruit spreads? According to specialists, these ingredients can’t do anything good for our organism and slimming project. In spite of leaving out artificial sugar and preserving ingredients, cooked fruits will make the spread more acidic. Fresh fruits should be your top diet options instead of spending a fortune on ‘homemade’ fruit spreads.

6. Sweeten Your Desserts and Food with Stevia

Use this magical herb to rule out the chance of consuming extra calories from artificial sweeteners. Add a delicious and sugary taste to your desserts and main dishes without making any dramatic changes in your blood sugar level. Control your appetite and purchase ingredients which help you achieve your weight loss goals.

6 Fun Weight Loss Tricks

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