6 Simple and Safe Weight Loss Tips

6 Simple and Safe Weight Loss Tips

Concentrate on your nutritional habits and set up the perfect slimming project to get rid of extra pounds. Out-smart your brain and use the following 6 simple and safe weight loss tips to control your hunger and cravings. Eliminate food items that make you hungry from your fridge or kitchen and pile up on healthy veggies and fruits. Re-organize your daily schedule and make time for nutritive and fat burning cooking sessions.

1. Make Healthy Food Look Smaller

It’s time to trick your brain and create the impression of smaller portions of salads and healthy veggies using larger plates and large salad bowls. According to specialists, this is the secret to see your healthy meal smaller and eat all of it. If you decide to have a salad before a main meal, you’ll be able to consume less of the calorie-rich dishes.

6 Simple and Safe Weight Loss Tips

2. Fight Sodium with Potassium

This is one of the simplest tricks to beat your cravings for salty foods. It is important to eliminate sodium from your meal plan in order to lose weight dramatically.

Consume food items rich in potassium in order to ease the task of your organism to get rid of sodium. The A-list foods to put on your grocery store list are: figs, bananas, coconut water, sweet potatoes, oranges and cantaloupe.

3. Insoluble Fiber for Your Metabolism

Keep your metabolism on top speed and lose extra pounds without extra effort by using this simple trick. Complement your nutritional plan with a set of diet foods which contain insoluble fibers.

Pack your kitchen with whole grains, barley, whole wheat, brown rice, dark leafy veggies, grapes, carrots and broccoli. These ingredients keep your digestive system in a perfect condition.

4. Bitter Food

According to Stephan Dorlandt nutritionist, “Bitter food stimulates saliva, gastric juice, and bile secretions. These chemical reactions boost digestion, burn fat, detoxify the liver and gallbladder, prevent constipation, and reduce sugar cravings.”. Therefore, it is important to include at least once bitter-tasting food item in every main meal. Have mustard greens, arugula, radish, olives or kale for lunch or dinner to experiment with this simple and time-tested fat burning tip.

5. Swap Sauces for Spices

Often sauces are packed with artificial elements whereas spices are rich in antioxidants and nutrients. In order to improve your meal plan all you have to do is swap creamy sauces with spices. Ditch ketchup, mustard and creamy sauces to explore the fat burning effect of chili powder, ginger, cayenne pepper and other exotic spices. According to dietitian Ashley Koff, “They warm you on the inside, and they can act as a metabolic aid, fight bad bacteria, and cleanse the body.”

6. Have a Protein-Rich Snack Every 3 Hours

Do you have trouble controlling your appetite and cravings? This is a slimming strategy which helps you lose weight and stick to a healthy meal plan. Experts say that it is highly recommended to consume a protein-rich snack every 3 hours. This is the secret to keep your blood sugar on the right level and avoid overeating. Embrace a brand new nutritional regime to see whether it works for you or not. A bag of unsalted nuts, almonds, a banana or string cheese are some of the A-list options you can go for.

6 Simple and Safe Weight Loss Tips

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