6 Slim Down Diet Tricks

6 Slim Down Diet Tricks

Counting calories and carbs can be exhausting. It’s time to embrace a less restrictive nutritional regime. In order to succeed all you have to do is keep in mind the following 6 slim down diet tricks. Use the power of appetite-suppressors and healthy vitamins to control your weight and food intake.

1. Pepper as Salad for Sandwiches

The consumption of salads with high-calorie dressings can sabotage your weight loss plan. The secret to get rid of extra pounds in the simplest way is to eat sandwiches packed with pepper. Shop up 2 pieces and add them to your sandwiches. A large size pepper contains no more than 30 calories.

6 Slim Down Diet Tricks

2. Replace Rice with Quinoa

Save up to 100 calories with a simple ingredient substitution. Quinoa is rich in proteins and can be used to replace white rice and other grains in our diet plan.

Moreover, this diet food is a complex carbohydrate which keeps your blood sugar on the ideal level. Say goodbye to cravings by making the best food options.

3. Canned Pumpkin Instead of Oil in Baked Goodies

Control your calorie intake with smart ingredient substitutions. You won’t feel any difference on the taste of your favorite baked goodies if you replace oil with canned pumpkin puree.

Try loads of recipes which allow you to make these wise replacements. Enjoy your guilt-free cakes and cookies during your weight loss diet.

4. Almond Milk Ice Cream

Replace high-fat milk in your eating regime with low-calorie types of dairy products. Almond milk serves as the perfect substitute for normal milk. Therefore, prepare delicious ice creams using this slimming ingredient. Save up to 150 calories without sweating.

5. Seasoned Chickpeas

Are you ready to revolutionize your meal plan? Then ditch pretzels for the sake of your dream silhouette. Instead, what you can eat on a regular basis are seasoned and baked chickpeas. Add turmeric, pepper or other spices to the can of baked chickpeas and enjoy your low-calorie snack.

6. Kohlrabi Fries

All experts agree that making a few small changes in your diet regime can help you lose weight dramatically. Therefore, we offer you a trick on how to trim calories in your nutritional plan. Swap French fries for Kohlrabi fries which are lower in calories and give you a sense of satiety for a longer period of time. Cut the veggie into thin strips, add spices and bake the fries until these become brown. Save up to 200 calories with this simple food swap.

6 Slim Down Diet Tricks

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