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6 Weight Loss Tips to Save Calories

6 Weight Loss Tips to Save Calories

Master the art of portion control and save yourself from complicated calorie calculations. Get used to a well-defined and healthy meal plan which allows you to include and not eliminate various food items from your diet. The 6 weight loss tips below offer you the chance to shed extra pounds without exhausting workout sessions and starvation. Welcome the new wave of expert-approved slimming strategies with open arms.

1. Pass on the Gravy Sauce

Are you a fan of gravy sauce? It’s time to sacrifice this ingredient for the sake of your weight loss success. One tbs of gravy contains no less than 60 calories which is too much to add to your main meals. Instead, opt for low-calorie dressings and create your own healthy recipe to make sure you save a few calories for the dessert.

6 Weight Loss Tips to Save Calories

2. Baked Potatoes vs Mashed Potatoes

If you want to lose weight dramatically, opt for baked potatoes lower in calories and reduce the consumption of mashed potatoes.

Get used to serving baked potatoes as a side dish for meat and other veggies. Team up this dish with sour cream if you want to add an extra aroma to your meals.

3. Rice and Veggies

Adding fiber-rich vegetables to rice will allow you to reduce the calorie intake and shed extra pounds in the simplest way.

Prepare delicious meals using this trick and you’ll be able to eat less for dinner. Give yourself a sense of fullness for a longer period of time with this simple diet trick.

4. Blot Fat from Greasy Foods

Soak up the fat excess from pizza, burgers and other greasy foods. Use a paper towel to remove up to 5 grams of fat from the surface of these fast food dishes. Use this simple trick to lose weight in the quickest time. If you don’t want to eliminate these types of foods from your nutritional plan, at least reduce their calorie and fat-content.

5. Instant Oatmeal and Dried Fruits

Prepare a delicious in-between-main-meals snack to tame your cravings for sugary or salty desserts. Purchase instant oatmeal and combine it with a tiny amount of dried herbs and hot water. Add seeds and nuts if you want to load your organism with the necessary protein for a healthy body. See whether this quick snack recipe works for you. Save hundreds of calories with this simple treat.

6. Opt for Bite-Sized Candy Bars

Reduce sugar intake by purchasing only bite-size candy bars. The full-sized ones are packed with extra calories and can sabotage your weight loss project. Trick your mind and pick tiny candy bars to satisfy your need for sweet treats. Keep these snacks in dark containers to resist the temptation of munching.

6 Weight Loss Tips to Save Calories

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