9 Best and Effective Home Remedies for Influenza

Influenza which is just another name for flu is quite a common problem that occurs in millions of people and mostly because of a weakened immune system. It might not be a serious threat to health but causes a lot of misery and discomfort in the body. In extreme cases, it compels you to take proper rest and not look into the daily lifestyle and chores. However, along with professional help and medications, it is important to look into ways that can give instant relief from the symptoms of influenza.

home remedies for influenza

This viral attack called influenza might be seasonal but can occur in anybody and of any age. To know about the safe and simple cures to gradually treat influenza, this guide below in very helpful. You can check the top notch home remedies and pick a combination of one or two to get the faster outcomes in hand.

Best Home Remedies for Influenza:

Let’s find here with mentioned top 9 home remedies for infuenza.

1. Honey and Onion Juice:

Honey and Onion Juice

Prepare a combination of onion juice and honey in equal quantities in a jar and consume about 3-4 teaspoons of this liquid once in a day. This will help you get the best outcomes on influenza. Even after slow treatment, it is an effective way to treat the crisis from the roots.

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2. Have Chamomile Tea:

chammolle tea

Prepare chamomile tea at home by boiling chamomile flowers in water. This should be strained and have it warm with a little honey to treat the problems of flu and influenza from the roots. About 203 cups of this tea is recommended each day for visible outcomes in a couple of days.

3. Essential Oil Therapy:

Essential Oil

The use of various essential oil in the bath or in the room can very well help in treating the signs of influenza and also slowly provide relief to the main problem. You will need a few drops of tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, lemon oil, chamomile oil, coconut and lavender oil for the purpose.

4. Have Plenty of Water:

pregnant-Drink water

Water flushes out the virus from the system as well as hydrates the body. It also thins down the accumulated mucus in the throat and nasal passages. Having about 10-12 glasses of water is a simple and effortless remedy for influenza treatment.

5. Use a Humidifier:

Use a Humidifier

Humidifier ensures proper moisture in the room and ensures that the system works properly. A lot of times dry air is the cause of aggravated influenza in people. By placing a humidifier in the room you work or sleep can actually help in treatment of the health ailment.

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6. Vegetable Soup With Garlic:

Take some freshly prepared vegetable soup with a little garlic to treat the inflammation in the body and to make you feel better from the sick feeling. This is one of the easy and efficient remedies that one can use for influenza.

7. Vitamin C Intake:

Vegetable Soup With Garlic

Vitamin C help in making the immune system strong and thus ward off the influenza and flu. For the very same purpose, you can include a glass of fresh orange juice in the diet each day. It will also prevent the problem from reoccurring.

8. Warm Compress:

To combat the symptoms of influenza like headaches and pains in the throat, a warm compress can be used. For this soak a washcloth in warm water and place it on the affected areas. It will surely help.

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9. Oregano Oil:

Oregano Oil

A drop of oregano oil in a glass of water helps in giving the body anti bacterial and anti viral properties for treatment of influenza. However, this home remedy is not at all recommended for pregnant women.

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