9 Home Remedies for Yeast Infection

Burning and the itching in the vaginal area are some of the signs that every woman faces from time to time and it is a signal of yeast infection. There can be a lot of reasons for yeast infection but usually it is the pressure on the bladder that leads to the accumulation of germs in the vaginal areas. In situation where you are taking a lot of antibiotics or you are in the phase of menopause or pregnancy, yeast infection can again knock at your door! In such a scenario, there is no doubt that you will face a lot of discomfort in the body and in the vaginal area.

home remedies for yeast infection

However, the good news comes in the form of some safe, effective and natural home remedies that can be used for curing the infection and giving you a smooth lifestyle again. The list below has some top notch ideas that can be used on a routine basis to get desired outcomes.

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Amazing Home Remedies for Yeast Infection:

1. Garlic Wonders:

Garlic 5

There are antifungal properties present in garlic that is perfect for killing the accumulated fungus in the vagina that leads to yeast infection. One can easily include the garlic in various dishes throughout the day or else can chew on a raw clove of garlic each day. If you follow the latter idea on an empty stomach, it has better outcomes.

2. Tea Tree Oil:

Tea treeoil

Well again it is the antiseptic and the anti microbial properties of tea tree oil that helps in perfecting the situation by treatment of vaginal yeast infection. In this case, tea tree suppository should be used two times in a day for the right result.

3. Keep It Dry:

Yeast infections thrive and grow in moist areas. The best that can be done here to kill the fungus in a safe way is to keep the area dry as much as possible. This will surely fasten the treatment process in an ideal manner.

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4. Use of Pro-Biotic:

Probiotics are nothing but friendly good bacteria that helps in removal and flushing out of the bad germs from the body. It helps in cleansing the vagina, treatment of the yeast infection and prevention in the future. Probiotics capsules are available in the market that can be consumed or natural products like low fat and organic yogurt can be used for the purpose. You can both consume and apply yogurt for best results.

5. Keep it Clean:

Along with keeping the area dry, it is important that you keep it clean by using an antiseptic soap for the purpose. This will again kill the bacteria and fungus in the region and get you the outcomes you want.

6. Have Plenty of Water:

water for gs (3)

Water helps in the hydration of the body and also aids in flushing out the toxins, waste and germs from the body and the organs. It leaves the organs rejuvenated and thus ensures that it functions properly and without any crisis. For treating yeast infection one of the easiest ways is to drink at least 10-12 glasses of water each day.

7. Take Supplements:


Taking proper vitamins and mineral supplements will strengthen the immune system well and help it combat the infections including the yeast infection. It also helps in the prevention method.

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8. Maintain Hygiene:

Changing the underwear from time to time, wearing clean lingerie, changing the clothes to cotton wear and avoiding tight clothing are some of the simple ways in which you can not only help in treatment of yeast infection but also in prevention.

9. Calendula:

To treat yeast infections, calendula is one of the efficient natural remedies that can be used. The dose and the usage should be discussed with a professional before you start using it for yeast infection treatment.

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