Belching Problem – Home Remedies Treatment Our Best 25

What Is Belching:

Belching also known as burps to a lot of people is one of the common issues that is directly associated with digestion. Usually gastric problems, flatulence and issues of indigestion can be a problem that leads to belching. Overeating can also be a reason of burps. Belching is not only a discomforting problem but also quite an embarrassing one. If you have a frequent problem of burps, it only means that you might end up doing it in a group of people and become a cause of laughter.

home remedies for belching

In simple terms, a belch is an accumulation of air in the stomach and the body automatically starts getting rid of it to release the pressure. It might not have health repercussion but surely has negative image issues in the society. This is because it comes with a sound. To prevent belching you can easily adhere to some of the home remedies. The top ones are mentioned below from which you can make a pick:

Natural Home Remedies For Belching Problem:

1. Chamomile Tea:

Any stomach problems or disorders can be treated with 1-2 cups of chamomile tea. This is one of the perfect ways to reduce and finally prevent burping completely. Chamomile tea bags are easily available in the market that can be used.

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2. Ginger Wonders:

ginger 7

A piece of ginger root before or after the meals is a perfect way to prevent belching from occurring. It is a simple remedy and can also be taken either in the form of ginger juice or else in the form of fresh ginger tea. It will keep other stomach issues away as well.Ginger is one of the best home remedies for belching which is low cost and easy to follow also.

3. Cardamom Tea:

Cardamom Tea

Cardamom tea is one of the natural ways to work well on the digestive system and to ensure that the system remains free from gas. This in turn prevents from the air formation in the stomach that comes out as a burp. Have 1-2 cups of fresh cardamom tea each day for the outcomes.

4. Eat Papaya:

Papaya 1

Having papaya on a regular basis in small portions can really help in proper prevention of the burps also known as belching. Papain enzyme in the papaya fruit helps in proper digestion that keeps away gas from the stomach and thus belching. This is a good old remedy that can be followed at home.

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5. Lemon & Baking Soda Combo:

Baking soda lemon

  • Take a glass of water with ¼ teaspoon of baking soda and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice.
  • This should be consumed after every meal if you plan to prevent the problems of belching in a home remedial manner.

6. Fennel Seeds:

Fennel seed

Chewing some fennel seeds just after the meal is another way of not only preventing the formation of gas in the body but also burps. Keep some fennel seeds handy for the purpose and see how well it helps you in keeping this crisis at bay.

7. Star Anise Benefits:

spices 4789

The herb carminative properties of anise seeds are perfect when it comes to prevention of belching. All you need to do is chew some anise seeds from time to time throughout the day. This can be done 2-3 times in a day for the results.

8. Eat Smaller Meals:

Meals plan

The large meals should be broken into 4-5 smaller meals in the entire day to ensure that there is no pressure on the stomach and that proper digestion is maintained. This prevents formation of gas as well as that of burps. It is again a good home remedy to use.

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9. Have Water:

Glass of water

Taking good amounts of water each day helps in regulating the body functions and the digestion. This thud keeps away gastric issues as well as belching in the ideal manner.

10. Avoid Coffee:

Avoid coffee

Coffee is the best way to start a day but not when you are suffering with belching problems. Coffee induces gas in your system which reacts all the more owing to the tannins present in coffee. This is why it is always advisable to keep away from coffee to avoid extra gas formation in your body.

11. Use Ice Packs:

Home Remedies for Headache - Ice Pack

Ice packs cool your system down and thus would be a good way to keep the heat or the warmth from bothering you. Ice packs in the form of compress and can be used to stop further gas formation. You can also include ice in your morning drink to keep your stomach cool and keep away belching problems.

12. Use Herbs For Curing Belching Problem:


Herbs in the form of rosemary, thyme or parsley are natural healers for your body and can often be used to cure problems relating to belching. Be it indigestion or too high a metabolism, the herbs sates the internal working procedure for your body and can keep functioning of the body smooth without too much gas passing being a hindrance.

13. Yogurt:


Yogurt is a good way to keep yourself cool while trying to keep belching problems at bay. Prefer it as a desert or just a evening snack, yogurt can also help you in keeping your indigestion problems away. Yogurt is one of the most perfect home remedies for belching which is easily availbale also.

14. Don’t opt for Canned Food:

canned food

In a busy lifestyle it is often a possibility that you opt for canned food items to keep your schedule on time. The fast paced lifestyle has made cooking only a recreation for free times but often it is these canned foods that induce extra gas in your system causing belching or indigestion.

15. Caraway Seeds:

Caraway seeds also are a good relief during belching and can easily cure indigestion problems. Mix caraway seeds with your everyday food just a little bit at a time and keep the belching problems from ruining your reputation or day.

16. Avoid Carbonated Drinks:

carbonated drinks

Carbonated drinks like soda or cold drinks are filled with fizz, something that has a potent part to play in your belching. The fizz goes in and creates more gas and burping commences there within. This is why one prone to belching should always avoid carbonated drinks

17. Watermelon:

watermelon for gs

Belching home remedies include keeping your stomach cool and this is why this summer time fruit will always be a good belching relief. Start your day with a watermelon smoothie to keep your day belching free. The watermelon can also be pieced and sliced into pieces so that you can have it on the go during a summer day and keep your insides cool.

18. Turmeric:

turmeric spice on a wooden spoon, isolated on white background

Turmeric is a well renowned spice that is widely used in a lot of Indian dishes. Apart from being a veteran spice turmeric however possess a lot of natural healing properties that include anti inflammation and even the property of healing indigestion. With turmeric in your everyday diet now you can keep the belching problems away without any harm.

19. Chewing With Closed Mouth:

Chewing with closed Mouth

Chewing with your mouth closed is yet another home remedy for belching. When you chew your food with your mouth open a lot of air travels, possibly mixing with the now disintegrated meal. This is the very air that comes out in the form of burps and belches later in the course of the day. It is the simplest tip to

20. Peppermint:

Intake peppermint in the form of tea or spice in your food so that you can simply have a good day without belching problems bothering you. Brew a steaming cup of peppermint tea as the peppermint in your system increases metabolism and helps you digest your food at a faster pace.

21. Morning Drink:

Belching treatment early in the morning would include a warm glass of water with some squeezed in lemon and a tea spoon of honey. Lemon or lime is a citrus fruit enriched in antioxidants and would definitely be a good belching problem healer. Honey has always been a natural healer and the warm water in the morning can clear the day’s indigestion away.

22. Avoid Alcohol:

avoid alcohol

Alcohol often leads to more indigestion or gas especially if you are too invested into the bottles. Often people who drink often can be a victim to belching as the alcohol destroys your body’s natural ability to digest food fully and the half digested food causes gas which would once again lead to belching.

23. Asafoetida:


We usually call it hing in Hindi, a spice special that often finds its way to many food item preparations. Apart from flavoring the food in a certain way, asafoetida actually helps with your digestion problems. With a healthy digested stomach, belching or burping can never come into the scene.

24. Yoga:

Beautiful young woman doing yoga exercise , isolated

Home remedies for belching also include a little yoga, the primary level ones that would include breathing or simple stretches. Belching is usually occurring in the public because you have a lot of pent up gas or indigestion brewing inside you and at this point of time a little yoga early in the morning will let your internal organs to exercise a bit helping you keep away from belching problems the whole day.

25. Milk:

Milk more

Milk in its chilled form can make a real nice milk shake and what makes it better is the usage of a glass of chilled milk to cure your indigestion problems. Belching might occur because your insides are too heated or the digestion process never occurred the way it should. Chilled milk not only calms your insides but also makes sure the lactic acid benefits cut the indigestion and keep your belching problems at bay.

Belching is a common problem that doesn’t even bother your constitution too much. Belching is commonly just an excessive amount of burping which can be a nuisance but doesn’t really cause any damage to your body. Because of it being a nuisance belching should be dealt with immediately with some excellent home remedies.