Benefits of Morning Stretching

Benefits of Morning Stretching

After a good night sleep, we all feel the need in the morning to stretch, just a little bit. Maybe some of us don’t really think why we experience this sudden need.

Well, the truth is that morning stretching is a great way to loosen up your muscles and get them ready for the day, as it relaxes your body while increasing blood flow.

You should really consider daily morning stretching, especially if you’re sleeping all curled up or in other odd positions. There are many chances that are you wake up feeling like your spine has been compressed, and pain isn’t exactly your thing, right?

So, before getting out of bed in the morning, turn face down propped gently on elbows, hold for a brief period of time, and then try to get out of bed without sitting up.

Benefits of Morning Stretching

Don’t minimize the benefits of morning stretching. Done correctly, morning stretching prevents every day injuries and allows our muscles to perform at their maximum potential. Plus, stretching is a very simple technique, one that does not require additional equipment or physical skills, demanding only a little bit of time.

Here are some morning stretching tips: sitting on the edge of your bed with your feet on the floor, you bend over, reaching your hands toward your feet.

Don’t forget to arch your back, and hold for a count of ten. Also, in the same position, try to rotate your head in a circle, touching your ears to your shoulders. Rotate clockwise and counter clockwise for 5 times.

With a good program of daily morning stretching you can reduce your mental and physical tension, anxiety, your blood pressure will be stabilized, you can also avoid muscle and back pain, and you’ll have a more fresh start for your day.

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