Best Fall Foods for Weight Loss

Best Fall Foods for Weight Loss

Whether you managed to get your perfect bikini body in the summer or not, fall is a new chance to improve your weight loss efforts and drop the extra pounds.

Discover some of the best fall foods for weight loss, seasonal fruits and vegetables that can make a big difference in your diet this autumn. From fall staples like pumpkins and cranberries to a few other veggies and fruit that are packed with nutrients that can improve your weight loss efforts, check out the 10 foods you shouldn’t miss this fall.

Pumpinks and Pumpkin Seeds

With only 30 calories per cup of cubes pumpkin or 45 calories for mashed pumpkin, this healthy treat is rich in fiber, along with beta-carotene. Whether you buy it fresh or canned, don’t avoid it. 

Pumpkin seeds are equally valuable, even though they contain a lot more calories, 285 per cup. Rich in minerals that aid fat burning and monounsaturated fats which have a proven track record when it comes to fighting belly fat, pumpkin seeds are also a delicious snack when roasted, so include them in your fall diet plan.


With a high content of pectin, a filling fiber, apples are also one of the best fall foods for weight loss. For a tasty treat, bake them with cinnamon, a spice that’s also effective in keeping blood sugar levels under control and fighting hunger.

Best Fall Foods for Weight Loss

Butternut Squash

All squashes provide good nutritional value, but butternut squash can be the perfect way to curb your sweet cravings. With a high content of vitamin A and vitamin C, butternut squash delivers 80 calories per cup, but it can also replace other starchy foods that don’t have any weight loss benefits.


While a cup of pomegranate arils has around 150 calories, this fruit is definitely one of the best fall foods for weight loss. Besides the healthy helping of vitamin C, you’re also getting potassium, folate and vitamin K. Forget about pomegranate juice, which is mostly sugar without all the fiber and eat the seeds when you’re craving something crunchy.

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Sweet Potatoes

With about 115 calories per cup of cubes sweet potatoes, they’re one of fall’s best foods. Rich in carotenoids and other antioxidants, sweet potatoes are lower on the glycemic scale than regular potatoes. They can contribute to stabilizing your blood sugar, which means less hunger pangs. Sweet potatoes also include resistant starch which can contribute to weight loss.


Get a great helping of fiber with less than 50 calories per cup. Cranberries are one of the best fall foods for weight loss since they don’t provide too much sugar, but they’re rich in flavonoids and polyphenols. You can enjoy dried cranberries all year round, but make an effort to seek out this season treat while it’s fresh and delicious.


This starchy vegetables packs 100 calories per cup when sliced, but it’s a great replacement for starchy foods that are higher on the glycemic index. You’re not only getting complex carbs, you’re also getting 6 grams of fiber per cup of cooked parsnips, and that’s more than enough to keep you feeling full and help you avoid fatty snacks.

Best Fall Foods for Weight Loss


You’ll get less than 60 calories per cup of beets, along with 9 grams of sugar. That’s enough to help you deal with sweet cravings, but beets are more than just tasty, they’re also high in folate, and also pack plenty of dietary fiber.


With just 50 calories per quince without refuse, this fruit may not be the most tasty option when it’s eaten raw, but cooking it turns it into one of the best fall foods for weight loss. It’s high fiber content, including pectin, is very important, but the fruit is also rich in antioxidants like vitamin C. Pairing it slightly bitter favor with sweet desserts can help you with portion control.

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On the more exotic side of the best fall foods for weight loss, persimmons offer just 32 calories per fruit without refuse. They’re sweet and provide plenty of fiber, but they’re an important addition to your autumn diet because they’re also rich in iodine, which aids your thyroid function and can impact your metabolism in a positive way for losing weight.