Best Healthy Snacks for Kids

Best Healthy Snacks for Kids

Kids love snacking, but giving them a few healthy options is the right way to start them on a healthy eating path. Try a few ideas for fun healthy snacks for kids and learn a few tips on how to curb unhealthy snacks.

Having a designated snack area is very important, since kids will overeat when they’re allowed to have snacks in front of the TV. Make sure you don’t have any junk food available to your children, but plenty of easy healthy snacks instead which they can select themselves.

Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids

Fruits and vegetables should be your first priority when it comes to fun healthy snacks for kids. Most children love dipping, so use a low-fat dip for both vegetables and fruit slices.

Best Healthy Snacks for Kids

For vegetables like celery sticks, carrots or pepper slices, use hummus, low fat ranch dressing or a bean dip. When it comes to healthy snacks for kids, the best dips for fruit include honey, yogurt or even applesauce. When you’ve got extra dip, you can also let your kids have whole wheat crackers or healthy tortilla chips with them.

Fruit and yogurt are perfect healthy snacks for kids on the go and with a banana and a low-fat yogurt your kid may feel full for hours.

Making your own trail mix is another way to ensure giving your children easy healthy snacks. Mix plain popcorn with dried fruits, nuts and seeds. By doing it yourself, you can keep the sugar and salt content in check and your kids can also get to choose from the healthy ingredients to make their perfect blend.

Healthy Snacks for Kids to Make

Mini sandwiches in fun shapes are a great way to let your children make their own snacks. Provide healthy ingredients, from cheese to lean meat, along with whole-wheat bread and cookie cutters. Let your kids make their own mini sandwiches in fun shapes.

Fruit kebabs are another simple way to get your children excited for healthy snacks. Use frilled toothpicks and stick fresh fruit and small pieces of cheese on them.

Best Healthy Snacks for Kids

Making mini pizzas can be very fun for kids and the least they can do is spread the tomato sauce themselves. Making pizza one of the healthy snacks for kids isn’t hard, as long as you use a whole pita, low-fat mozzarella and topping that includes lean meat and vegetables.

Frozen treats are always fun healthy snacks for kids and they don’t have to be loaded with sugar. Frozen grapes and bananas make for great snacks that are much healthier than ice cream or most frozen yogurts.

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