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Best Inspirational Weight Loss Blogs

Best Inspirational Weight Loss Blogs

You’ve decided so many times before to get rid of those cumbersome extra pounds, and somehow always ended up being disappointed by your performance. If that’s your story, you should know that it’s one shared by millions of people around the world.

But your weight loss experience doesn’t have to remain a multiple act tragedy; you are perfectly capable of turning it into a happy ending story with a little bit of help.

Expert advice seems a bit too confusing to you? Why don’t you rely upon the help of those people who know exactly what you’re going through? They are the weight loss bloggers whose pound shedding success stories provide a true inspiration.

Here are some of the best weight loss blogs on the Internet!

Best Inspirational Weight Loss Blogs

Fit to the Finish

Fit to the Finish is the weight loss blog of Diane Carbonell, a woman that once weighted 305 pounds. After deciding that she wanted to see her children grow up, she lost 158 pounds in no more than 14 months. Her inspirational weight loss blog includes the story of how she managed to shed those extra pounds, but also how she succeeds in keeping her slim figure nowadays.

Feed Me, I’m Cranky

Feed Me, I’m Cranky is the weight loss blog of Annabel, a beautiful woman that lost 150 pounds. She started her blog 3 years ago and realized, while telling her weight loss story, a more important truth: that you don’t have to make the pound shedding a goal in itself, but to focus on your health. She did and still does just that!

Roni’s Weight

For inspirational weight loss tips, you shouldn’t miss Roni Noone’s weight loss blog, Roni’s Weight. This mother from Baltimore started blogging for completely different reasons, but soon discovered that writing about losing weight – and getting feedback from readers – was actually helping her shed pounds.

As a result, Roni created Roni’s Weight blog where she tells about her weight loss experience, and she shares recipies, workout programs, and the secrets of a healthy lifestyle.

Does This Blog Make Us Look Fat?

A weight loss blog that provides a good laugh is Rebecca Regnier’s Does This Blog Make Us Look Fat? Its creator offers helpful weight loss tips, but also a copious amount of drawings, PDFs and funny videos that are meant to help her readers take dieting a bit more lightly.

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