Best Tips to Lose Weight as a Couple

Best Tips to Lose Weight as a Couple

Joining forces in losing weight is a great way to stay motivated. From couple exercising to the right couple diet, try the best tips to lose weight as a couple but keep in mind there are some differences in the results for men and women.

How to Lose Weight as a Couple: Exercise Together

Losing weight together can be easier and can even become fun when you exercise together. That doesn’t mean you have to become gym buddies. Simply focus on couple activities that can make a difference for both of you, not on identical couple exercising routines. Whether it’s running together or simply exercising while you watch TV, these can help each other stay motivated. Dancing lessons or hiking together are other means to achieve couple workout motivation.

Losing Weight as a Couple: Choose the Right Diet

If you want to make some choices in the way to eat, make sure you don’t choose a diet that’s too strict for one of you. Start by avoiding snacks and following healthy diet tips for long-term weight loss, working out a meal plan based on each person’s desired daily calorie intake. It’s important to be focused on yourself, not on a couple diet, so you don’t end up mad at your partner because he/she gets to eat more than you.

Best Tips to Lose Weight as a Couple

How to Lose Weight as a Couple: Try Mutual Support

Losing weight through diet and exercise needs strong motivation and you can be there for each other in moments of weakness. Bust common exercise excuses and don’t berate your partner if he strays from the lifestyle changes you set together, be supportive in a gentle way and ask for the same. The downside to losing weight as a couple is that you can cheat together, but make sure at least one of you stays motivated to help the other.

Losing Weight as a Couple: Focus on Clothes More than on the Scale

Weight loss is faster for men since they have bigger muscle mass that helps their metabolism accelerate faster. Don’t expect the same results for both of you and don’t start comparing the scales and asking yourself why you’re losing less weight. Focus on clothes and the way you feel more than on your actual weight.

How to Lose Weight as a Couple: Acknowledge Your Differences

Men don’t only lose weight faster, but they also need less calorie restrictions for the same results. Acknowledge these differences and don’t insist on having an identical workout and diet. Keep things similar for couple weight loss and enjoy working out together, but don’t turn it into a competition, because one of you will lose and that can place strain not only on the other’s efforts, but also on the relationship.

Best Tips to Lose Weight as a Couple

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