Brain Cancer symptoms And Causes

As you already must know that brain cancer is actually a cancerous growth in the brain. Regardless of the position of a tumour, it has the ability to reproduce them in an unrestrained way.

Like all cancer, brain cancer can also be either benign or malignant. While benign is the kind of cancer which is restricted to one specific place, the malignant cancer is that type of cancer which generally loves attack and spread to a new part of the body.

Brain Cancer symptoms And Causes

Therefore, when a person suffers from malignant cancer then it becomes very difficult to remove the cancerous cells without actually damaging the surrounding brain. Even though brain cancers are not very common, they are often very deadly.

Glioma is the most common type of malignant brain cancer. This is caused when the glial cells which support the nerve cells become cancerous.  Glioma makes up between 50_60% of all the brain cancer in both adults and children (benign and malignant). Medulloblastoma, Adenocarcinoma and sarcoma are also some of the other types of brain cancer.

Here in this article we provide the detail explanation about what are the symptoms and causes of brain cancer.

Causes And Symptoms Of Brain Cancer:

♦ Causes of Brain Cancer:

Like most of the cancers known to the mankind, the causes of brain cancer are still not known. Brain cancer which originates in the brain is called primary brain cancer which spreads to the nearby parts of the brain while cancers of the skin, lung, blood cells or breast can metastasize to the brain leading to the cause of metastatic brain cancer. Some of the Causes Which Lead to Brain Cancer are as Follows: Exposure to Vinyl chloride which is a chemical used for making plastics. Earlier radiation to the head.


Suppression that is to take medicines in order to suppress the immune system (HIV/AIDS).

Age :

Age plays one of the factors of brain cancer. As one ages, the chances of him suffering from a brain cancer increases. This is considered to be one of the most possible causes of brain cancer. Though there is a possibility of developing brain cancer problems at almost any age, but the elderly people are more prone to the symptoms of brain cancer.

Previous Cancers :

People who have had suffered from a kind of cancer previously are most likely to suffer.


If you must know that men are more likely to suffer from brain cancer than women but then again it is not like women will not suffer from brain cancer at all. If a person develops some genetic syndromes regarding brain cancer then he might be easily exposed to the different symptoms of brain cancer. Syndromes such as Gorlin syndrome is one of the main reasons behind the occurrence of brain cancer.

Genetic Conditions For Brain Cancer:

Genetic conditions play a major role in causing brain cancer as well.

Body Size And Exercise :_

If a person is overweight or has more body mass index then he has more chance of suffering from brain tumour than those people who have the necessary weight or body mass index.

Other Causes Of Brain Cancer:

According to some experts, it can be said that children and people of this generation might be more prone to the signs of brain cancer. There is a high possibility of these people going down with the symptoms of brain cancer as they are getting easily exposed to the radiation from the usage of different electronics such as mobile phones, iPods, etc.

Previous radiotherapy treatment_ have a availed a radiotherapy treatment a few days back or in the past? This might be said to be one of the causes of brain cancer. If you have availed such a treatment, then there is a good chance of you getting affected with the different symptoms of brain cancer.

♦ Symptoms of Brain Cancer:

Symptoms are generally those signs which are noticed by the patients and are diagnosed by a professional in order to understand a disease. The symptoms of brain cancer include –

Coordination problems


Numbness or weakness on any one side of the body

Problems With The Eyes :_

If you are facing problems with your eyes then you should definitely see your doctor. It is important because the symptoms related with the problems with eyes may actually help to diagnose the brain tumour early. Eye related problems such as floating shapes, vision, loss of vision or a tunnel vision come and go but helps in the detection of brain cancer in the early stage.

Changes in senses, feelings, mood or personality


Seizures, also known as fits, are one of the most common symptoms of brain tumour. About 1 in every 4 people suffers from seizures when they first go to visit a doctor. While a seizure can be just a jerk or twitch of a hand, it can also affect the whole body. There are also those seizures which causes moments of unconsciousness. Seizures can be controlled with anti epilepsy medications. And if your brain cancer is successfully treated then your seizures might completely disappear. But in some cases, seizures remain even after successful removal of brain cancerous cells due to left over of scar tissues in the brain. Since seizures are frightening, it is always wise to go consult a doctor about the kind of epilepsy because sometimes epilepsy is not only the signs of brain cancer but other deadly diseases as well.

Confusion or having trouble concentrating. Memory problems are pretty common during the time of brain cancer. This is one of the most common brain cancer symptoms. One will face sever memory loss along with many other similar issues such as forgetting faces, names, etc when they are suffering from brain cancer. One f the most common problems during brain cancer is the tendency to forget things that you have learned or memorized recently. People find this symptom most irritating among all the symptoms of brain cancer.


Headaches are common to almost all the illnesses. But if the headaches that you have the following symptoms then you should definitely consult a doctor:–

1. If you wake up with a very bad headache in the morning with each passing day.
2. If you have very frequent headaches.
3. If you have recently started getting headaches but have never faced in earlier.
4. If you are getting both headache and sickness together.

About every 1 in 3 persons with a brain cancer have reported to having headaches as an early symptom. The headache may be getting worse or maybe even getting better slowly during the day. But work such as bending over, sneezing, coughing, shouting or exercising can increase the headaches.


Sometimes tension can boost the issue of brain cancer. If a person remains tensed almost throughout the day, then there is a high chance that you will be affected with all the side effects or symptoms of brain cancer. Brain cancer is thus highly common among office employees who work more than 12 to 13hours per day. These people work hard throughout their office life and deal with high tension which later on turns out to be the reasons behind their brain cancer issue.

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Migraines are headaches that might be triggered due to brain cancer. Migraine is one of the prime symptoms of brain cancer and is one of the things with which people can easily detect whether they are suffering from brain cancer or not. There are times when people don’t get migraine attacks when they are expecting them. Rather, they will appear and the pain will happen during times when you’re not expecting them. The head will be in tremendous pain and people with severe headache issues will also suffer from vision problems.

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This is another common symptom of an illness. Feeling nausea and hiccups are very common. Apart from nausea, breathing issues are also common symptoms of brain cancer. One will face almost all the problems of brain cancer if he or she has a weak body. Over that, if someone has immunity issues due to a weak immunity system, then the symptoms of any disease will do more damage to your body. This is one of the common logic regarding sickness.


Drowsiness is a later symptom of the brain cancer. The pressure inside the head increases as the tumour grows and the patient may tend to sleep even more often. If it is not treated properly then it might become difficult to wake the patient later and gradually he may become unconscious.

Brain cancer is treatable if it is diagnosed in an earlier stage. Depending on the type, size and location of the brain tumour and also considering the health and age of the patient, the doctors decide on how to treat the cancer that is to say if it is to be surgically removed or radiation therapy and/or chemotherapy or if the patient may need a combination of treatments. There are different types of brain cancers as well and each and everyone of them has different treatments as well.

If you are suffering from brain tumour then you should to give up hope on your life instead fight for it. The sooner you treat it, the longer you live.