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Bust Common Exercise Excuses

Bust Common Exercise Excuses

Despite the fact that the benefits of exercises have been discussed over and over and researchers are constantly finding new reasons why increasing our physical activity level might be beneficial, applying this knowledge is the area many people fall short on. Both objectives and not exactly valid excuses can hinder our fitness progress and keep us from forming this uber healthy habit, but we can often counteract this negative attitude with a few counter arguments that will help us get a better perspective. Here are some of the most common exercise related excuses along with some simple ways to beat them:

Lack of time This is by far the most common excuse people tend to turn to in order to justify skipping workouts. While our hectic lifestyles often get in the way of our plans, incorporating exercise doesn’t have to be difficult. Working out while watching our favorite TV show, diving our workout or simply reducing the time and choosing something harder that will help you torch calories faster will enable you to squeeze in workouts easier than ever before. Granted, shorter, yet more intense workouts will not produce the same calorie burning results, yet you will still be able to get the cardiovascular benefits that exercise provides. This idea can also work when you are simply not in the mood for exercise. Thinking of exercise as a crucial investment in your health rather than a luxury will also help you develop the right mindset.

Lack of results Exercise might be highly effective when it comes to weight loss, however the effects are certainly not quickly visible. This type of problem is universal and the solutions can vary. From examining your nutritional habits and identifying certain behaviors that might be holding you back, such as thinking exercising enables you to make certain excesses without compromising your waistline, to choosing the wrong exercises for your objectives, having a detailed view of the things that might be holding you back and making sure that your goals are realistic is important in order to surpass this roadblock.

Bust Common Exercise Excuses

Failed previous attempts Failing when forming the exercise habit can cause us to underestimate our abilities and lose motivation in the future. Perhaps being overly ambitious in the beginning is one of the causes why you lose motivation early. Or, the type of exercise you chose doesn’t really fit your personality. While these two causes are easy to fix by trying out a variety of workouts and building endurance gradually, a lack of accountability might also make it harder to achieve your goals. Choosing a reliable friend with similar goals and even putting a monetary stake on your goal can help your motivation greatly.

Expense While the excuse that going to the gym is expensive can be easily counteracted with the option of working at home, if you choose workout dvds to stay in shape, expenses can add up as well. While having a few go-to workout dvds is very important, to add variety and avoid wasting money on workouts that bore you, try hitting the library for an inexpensive way of varying your workouts. That way you will be much less likely to purchase something you don’t really like.

Self consciousness Another common reason why many dread the thought of joining a gym is self consciousness. Keeping in mind the fact that others probably feel the same way and that a high paced routine typically doesn’t leave much room for anything else, trying more than one gym to find the one that best fits your needs or even hiring a personal trainer for a while can help. In addition, using this very excuse as an additional reason to show up can work well if you find that you are motivated by pain more than by pleasure.

Bust Common Exercise Excuses

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