Celebrity Eating Disorders

Celebrity Eating Disorders

Hollywood and the media already proved that the business of entertainers is not quite a fairy tale. Indeed there are harsh expectations and standards that must be fulfilled in order to become the muse of the great public.

In the past, eating disorders were denied and swept under the carpet. Today more and more celebrities tend to admit that they sported an extreme nutritional plan. These were the most famous cases of celebrity eating disorders.

Victoria Beckham several times echoed publicly that in the glorious days of the Spice Girls she had a personal problem with food.

Posh claimed that she was extremely obsessed with her looks, especially in the past. Leading a stressful life with the management haunting them to stay super-skinny the girls started on a painful journey.

Victoria suffered from multiple eating disorders, along with co-members Mel C and Geri Halliwell. To keep her weight she practiced bulimic and anorexic methods.

Christina Ricci despite her famous acting career, she always struggled with her self-image. Anorexia seemed to be her only remedy for loosing those stubborn pounds.

Even if it was way back in the high school the memories still linger on as she claims.

On one occasion it is said that she covered all the mirrors in the house, because she despised her body so bad. Her eating disorders gradually ceased when she contacted a therapist. Today she admits her problems with anorexia serving as an example that it can be defeated.

Jessica Alba also confessed publicly that she had huge problems with her image during the Dark Angel period. The actress and fresh-mommy soon became obsessed with workout and starving.

Similarly to her friends she admits having difficulties with the natural changes of the body. Moreover her anorexia was even aggravated with panic attacks. Jessica reveals that her family is highly overweight, so she kept struggling to keep her figure.

Celebrity Eating DisordersCelebrity Eating Disorders

Mary-Kate Olsen denied her eating disorder many times. In fact rumors say, that she already contacted a clinic to help her in defeating this monster.

In 2020 she succeeded to reach a skeleton-like weight, the final option seemed to be to ask a professional weight-coach to offer her support for gaining some extra-pounds. Nowadays her figure seems still disturbing, apparently the treatment had minimal success.

Celebrity Eating DisordersCelebrity Eating Disorders

Nicole Richie

The famous size 0 socialite was often labeled by the press as anorexic. However she denies every rumor around her eating habits. Indeed even if Nicole might not suffer from anorexia, her image still radiates an unhealthy nutritional plan. Several tabloids portrayed her slender figure and spread the news of Nicole attending a treatment center during her pregnancy. She was repeatedly warned that she might put her baby’s life in danger if not gaining some weight.

Other celebrities who are also associated with eating disorders are Oprah Winfrey, Paula Abdul, Lara Flynn Boyle, Ashley Simpson, Geri Halliwell and many more.

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