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Chia Seeds Benefits for Skin and Health

Chia Seeds Benefits for Skin and Health

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding Chia seeds benefits as this superfood has been proven to pack a high dose of essential nutrients and healthy fats. Since there’s a high emphasis placed on a healthy lifestyle, people are beginning to search for new alternatives that will not only help benefit the health but also taste good. So many yummy recipes have been created using an array of these superfoods, its crazy, meaning you can now improve your eating habits without too much fuss.

Apart from Chia seeds health benefits, these South American seeds also provide benefits for the skin when used under the form of serums obtained through cold-pressing. The oil resulted from cold-pressed Chia is the new anti-aging fighting serum and with celebs such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Miranda Kerr among the users, (celebs known for their high focus on healthy living) these serums are rapidly growing in popularity!

About Chia Seeds Chia has been traced back to pre-Columbian times, being cultivated by Aztecs for their nutritional benefits. The seeds are still used especially in South America as an ingredient in salads, in puddings, nutrition bars, in juices or other recipes as their nutty flavor makes them a great addition to almost any meal. Chia seeds have a high content of nutrients from which we have to mention calcium, iron, phosphorus, manganese, sodium, dietary fibers, proteins and healthy fats, so now wonder that they’ve been awarded a spot in the superfood category among goji berries, acai berries, broccoli, quinoa and others!

Chia Seeds Benefits for Skin and Health

Chia Seeds Skin Benefits Up to 30% is extractable oil from the seeds and the oil has been now branded as a miraculous ingredient in skin care. There are a few Chia serums on the market that you can turn towards for their anti-aging properties, such as Perricone MD which seems to be Miranda Kerr’s fave, serums which are combined with fat-soluble vitamins that boost the hydration level of the skin, so browse through your options and find a brand that works for you.

Health Benefits of Chia Seeds There are numerous health benefits of these miraculous seeds from which we have to mention the omega-3 fatty acids as well as other nutrients such as iron and calcium which are essential for the health. Apparently, Chia consumed raw or in other forms can actually promote health loss as they curb cravings and glut hunger. Studies show that the seeds may also help control blood sugar, making them beneficial for people suffering from diabetes, so there’s plenty of benefits to convince you that this is a must try vegetable source!

Chia Seeds Benefits for Skin and Health

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