Creating a Gout Diet Menu

Creating a Gout Diet Menu

A gout diet menu based on beans and legumes while limiting animal protein such as liver, herring, anchovies, mackerel, red meat, fatty fish and seafood and tuna to 4 to 6 oz. a day can help tremendously.

Moreover, limiting alcohol from your gout diet menu, especially beer, is suggested since it interferes with the elimination of uric acid from the body. Fluids, mainly water, help the body remove uric acid.

Avoiding or reducing consumption of refined carbohydrates and sweets in your gout diet menu is also helpful in maintaining weight and overall health.

­Suggested Gout Diet Menu

Breakfast: bowl of cereal such as cornflakes or crisp rice; white bread toast, buttered with olive oil spread; glass of skim milk; cup of tea or coffee or small glass of cherry juice. Snack: low-fat cheese and saltines or grapes. Lunch: sliced meat sandwich (ham, chicken or turkey) on white bread or peanut butter sandwich on white bread; fruit salad; coffee, tea, water or cherry juice; small slice of white cake or two peanut butter or sugar cookies. Dinner: grilled chicken breast; pasta or rice; carrots, cauliflower or asparagus; water or cherry juice; pudding made with low-fat milk. Snack: fruit chunks; fresh vegetable mixture; fresh berries.

Many variations are possible within a gout diet menu. However, even though gout symptoms decrease, you still need to follow a gout diet plan as closely as possible to maintain a successful control over uric acid levels.

Creating a Gout Diet Menu

How Much Fat in a Gout Diet Menu?

While eating moderate to excessive amounts of saturated fat is detrimental to everyone’s health, it is specifically damaging to gout patients because fat is directly linked to weight gain and severe gout symptoms.

However, small quantities of fat are necessary for optimal functioning of the nervous system and enhancing cognition abilities.

Gout patients should include in their gout diet menu one serving of one of the following per day: 2 T. of half and half cream; 1 T. of cream cheese; 1 t. of butter; 1 T. of reduced fat mayonnaise; 1 T. of whole sesame seeds; 1 slice of bacon; 1 T. of sunflower or pumpkin seeds; 1 t. of trans fat-free margarine.

Creating a Gout Diet Menu

Coffee in the Gout Diet Menu

Drinking coffee (not tea) seems to correlate with a reduction of blood uric acid according to a report which indicates that coffee contains a unique ingredient or property responsible for alleviating gout symptoms.

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