CrossFit Workout: Controversy, Pros and Cons

CrossFit Workout: Controversy, Pros and Cons

Created by former gymnast Greg Glassman in 2020, the CrossFit workout has had its fair share of controversy. Promoting an exercise routine so active that can threaten the health of its practitioners, the CrossFit routine is definitely not for everybody.

CrossFit Workout Basics

High intensity exercise for short periods of time is the concept behind the CrossFit workout. For a lot of active people, pushing yourself to the limits is a common theme and the CrossFit workout extends those limits even further. Using group workout with equipment not regularly used in the gym, the CrossFit system includes plyometric exercises and Olympic style lifting, along with exercises with kettle bells, tires, sand bags and more.

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CrossFit Workout: Controversy, Pros and Cons

CrossFit Workout Controversy

This “survival” style workout has a dark side beyond sore muscles. Excessive exercise can lead to rhabdomyolysis, a very serious condition which can cause kidney failure. Nicknamed “Uncle Rhabdo” by practitioners of the CrossFit workt out, the condition occurs when muscle begins to break down, releasing myoglobin that poisons the kidneys and leads to very dark urine.

Since the exercise regimen often involved pain and muscle sores, the practitioners of the CrossFit workout can have a hard time recognizing when they’re simply overexercising their body too much. Vomiting is not uncommon for this type of very active exercise and continuing even if you feel you can’t do it anymore can also lead to serious bone fractures, not just muscle and kidney damage.

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CrossFit Workout: Controversy, Pros and Cons

CrossFit Workout Pros

Most workouts in this system are short but very active. Developed for a class setting and supervised by trainers that are called coaches, the CrossFit workout encourages competition between practitioners, but also comes with a strong support system.

A lot of exercises include partners, so staying motivated isn’t an issue, unlike regular gym workouts. The CrossFit workout also includes a beginner program designed to transition you to the hardcore exercise.

CrossFit Workout Cons

The biggest problem of this workout is the high risk of injury, even higher than for contact sports. Attending too many workouts in a week can lead to overexercise and serious health issues. The CrossFit workout dangers shouldn’t be ignored, especially by people who aren’t used to active training.

Another downside of the exercise regimen is its “one size fits all” philosophy. The only differentiations between practitioners are in the form or choosing the right weights, but otherwise everybody is expected to push themselves to the limit and more.

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