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Diet Rules You Can Break

Diet Rules You Can Break

Dieting is mostly seen as a set of rules and guidelines that usually work on short-term. In order to maintain your weight and bring balance into your lifestyle, it is important to understand that a strict diet will finally prove being ineffective as long as you don’t make it a common, natural part of your lifestyle. Get a more flexible and open view when it comes to dieting and maintaining weight. Therefore, since a couple of these approaches are sometimes too restrictive, some insubordination won’t harm anyone. In fact, it has been shown that people who have a more ‘gentle’ approach towards their eating habits are the most likely to succeed in their weight loss goals.

From cutting carbohydrates to skipping dessert, here are some of the most popular diet rules you can break. Remember that it doesn’t have to be black or white, but you can also diversify a little and allow yourself a small delicious treat. This, of course, if you stick to your calorie balance. Replace restrictiveness with moderation and you’ll find the key to drop pounds effectively.

Diet Rules You Can Break

No carbohydrates

Carbohydrates contain one essential element your body needs for its proper functioning: fiber. This important nutrient helps you lose weight, prevents constipation, lowers cholesterol, but it also lowers the risk of high blood pressure, heart attacks, and even cancer. Besides, fiber maintains the energy level throughout the day and keeps you full for longer. Still, make sure you invest in good carbs such as 100% whole grains, raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, beans, and legumes.

No dessert

Studies have shown that a person following strict diet guidelines will finally end up overeating. Indeed, deprivation only leads to craving more and eventually to overindulgence. This means that a small bite of something sweet will not harm anyone as long as you satisfy your sugar cravings with moderation. Moreover, experts say that sweets are a vital part of a healthy and balanced diet. Pick desserts that have 100 to 200 calories and provide some nutrients too.

No eating late

Recent studies reveal that as long as you don’t exceed the calorie range, late eating has no negative results on your weight loss goals. After all, it is important to portion and maintain a balance, while skipping a meal after 7pm might lead to overeating the next day. Still, choose smart and have a healthy dinner, and avoid cookies or chips. In consequence, it’s all about the quantity and quality of the calories you take in rather than the time.

Eat 5 – 6 meals daily

It is said that having small meals throughout the day will keep the blood sugar at a stable level and control your cravings. However, there are experts saying that this rule doesn’t guarantee a successful weight loss plan and that more meals don’t speed up your metabolism. Besides, you don’t have to eat if you’re not hungry just because there is a special guideline telling you to do it. It is important to listen to what your body needs. Don’t turn your diet into a stressful routine, but introduce it into your lifestyle so it becomes a natural part of your everyday life. You can have foods rich in fiber that are easily digested and will keep you fuller for longer. Still, having 5 meals daily is not a bad thing, but there’s not sufficient scientific proof that this plan is related to boosting your metabolism.

Diet Rules You Can Break

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