Exercising Tips for Body Types

Exercising Tips for Body Types

It’s easy to flip through magazines, admire certain fit celebrities and wish to have a body just like them. However, when we fantasize indiscriminately about our favorite celebrities we often fail to realize the fact that wishing a certain body can set up for fail as it might cause us to set unattainable objectives with disappointing results, especially if we fail to take body shape into account.

Because your body type is determined mostly by genetics, there are not many things we can do to change it. We can, however, motivate ourselves to look our best for our body shape. There are three basic body types: mesomorph, ectomorph and endomorph. These three body types can determine whether or not you gain fat easily, where you are more likely to have fat deposits and even how easy it is for you to gain muscle. Let’s examine these body types in closer detail:

Exercising Tips for Body Types


This body type is characterized by strong bones, well defined chest shoulders, with hips being about the same width as the shoulders. Among the celebrities which share this body type are Halle Berry, Jessica Simpson or Demi Moore.

This body type typically loses and gains weight quickly, is able to build muscles quickly, has an upright posture. Typically those with this body type wish to have a long lean body and avoid looking bulky.

Best workout options for this body type tend to be moderate to high intensity cardio. Interval training is typically a good idea. Because increased flexibility is not typically one of the attributes or this body type and because the most women with this body type want to avoid looking bulky, making Pilates, yoga or ballet a part of their weekly routine is highly recommended.

Exercising Tips for Body Types Exercising Tips for Body Types

Ectomorph This body type has a small body frame being naturally thin. With a fast metabolism, long arms and long legs, a low body fat percentage and difficulty in gaining weight, this body shape is typically the most desired in the fashion industry. Celebrities with this body type include Gisele Bundchen or Gwyneth Paltrow.

Because this body type tends to have weaker bones than other body types, weight training is extremely important for those with this body shape. It is believed that this body type benefits most from using heavy weights. In addition, walking on incline is also considered a good exercise to include in their regular cardio routine.

Endomorph This body type can be best described as naturally curvy. This body type generally gains weight in the lower part of the body and has a fairly difficult time losing it. Metabolism is also typically slower compared to other body types. Examples of celebrities with this body type are Jennifer Lopez, Oprah or Queen Latifah.

Some of the best cardio activities for this body type are running, cycling, spinning while weight training should be focused on high reps. Non competitive sports might also be a good choice for those who want to become fitter and increase their activity levels.

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