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Get Wider Hips with Exercise

Get Wider Hips with Exercise

Going to the gym has a lot of benefits, but you can also get wider hips with exercise you can do at home. Try the best forms of exercise to get bigger hips and fill the beautiful dress that never looked quite right on you.

Exercises for Wider Hips: Side Lunges

Start with lunges if you’re willing to commit and exercise to get bigger hips. Stand and spread your legs to shoulder width. Hold a dumbbell vertically and take a long step to one of the sides. Lower your body slowly while keeping your back straight and push your butt backward, but don’t let your knee move laterally past your ankle. Rise up slowly and repeat for each side, alternating.

Squat Kick Exercise to Get Bigger Hips

The squat kicks are a great way to work all the muscles that can enhance your hips. As with other exercises for wider hips, the starting position is standing with your feet apart at shoulder width. Put your hands on your hips, kick your foot in front of you and hold the position for 3 seconds. Move into a squat as you slowly bring down your foot and repeat alternating between legs.

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Get Wider Hips with Exercise

Exercises for Wider Hips: Weighted Hip Abduction

Lie down on one side for the weighted hip abduction. On the right side, have your left leg slightly forward and your right leg a bit back. Use your right hand to prop up your head and hold a dumbbell in your left hand, over your thigh. Raise your left leg slowly as high as possible and lower it the same way. Don’t let it touch the floor and repeat the movement again for this excellent exercise to get bigger hips. Alternate between legs after sets of at least 6 reps.

Side Step Up Exercise to Get Bigger Hips

Using a low chair is the key to one of the best exercises for wider hips. Have the chair next to a wall and stand next to it, as the chair faces your right shoulder. Put your hands on your hips and take step with your right foot on the chair and press down to raise your left foot in the air for a second. Use dumbbells to increase your weight and do at least 10 reps before switching sides.

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Get Wider Hips with Exercise

Pilates Exercises for Wider Hips

Some of the best exercises for your hips involve Pilates. Even a general class helps, but there are multiple special exercises for your hips and buttocks. Try the simplest Pilates for hips exercise, the Belly Frog.

Lie on your stomach with your hands under your forehead and legs hip-distance apart. Slightly bend your knees, keep your heels together and raise them up in the air. As you exhale, raise your knees up off the floor about two inches, keeping your heels together and your abs and hips on the floor. Inhale while you return your knees to the mat.

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