Healthy Diets: What to Eat to Help Prevent Cancer

Healthy Diets: What to Eat to Help Prevent Cancer

Turning towards healthy diets and knowing what to eat to help prevent cancer or other diseases can only be beneficial. It seems that cancer is beginning to make its presence felt more and more and this is due to several factors including diet and lifestyle. Scientists believe that cancer cells are found in every human, but it depends on different factors if these microscopic cancer cells remain neutral in the body or start to grow. It seems that cancer researchers have linked the development of these cancer cells to angiogenesis which is the process that helps with the growth of new capillary blood supply. The cancer cells need a constant blood supply to be able to develop, so the cancer cells take over the angiogenesis process and use it to direct the blood supply to sustain the development and growth of the cancer cells.

Researchers have shown that a proper healthy diet in which one learns what to eat to to prevent cancer can help maintain the cancer cells in a neutral state. Processed, unhealthy foods can contribute to “feeding” these cells so one has to learn what to eat to fight cancer. Anti-angiogenic foods are the ones that can help prevent cancer so here are the foods you need to incorporate into your everyday eating plan:

Healthy Diets: What to Eat to Help Prevent Cancer

Artichokes Artichokes can aid in the prevention of cancer and have been considered by Greeks and Romans, an aphrodisiac. The flower of the artichoke plant is edible and the artichoke globe is boiled until tender and there are a variety of delicious recipes you can try so you can incorporate the artichoke on a daily basis in your diet.

Bok Choy Bok Choy is a salad originally from China which has been introduced to Europe, Canada and the US as well, due to its delicious taste as well as vitamin abundance. This vegetable grows almost all year long so you can enjoy the cocktail of vitamins it has to offer at any time.

Omega-3 fatty acid rich Fishes The benefits of omega-3 fatty acids have been known for a long time and one of these benefits is cancer prevention. Omega-3 fatty acids have possible anti-cancer benefits particularly for breast, colon and prostate cancer. A relatively small portion about the size of your palm eaten three times a week can be a great aid for your health.

Tomatoes Tomatoes contain lycopene which seems to be have cancer preventing properties and interestingly the effects of this beneficial tomato compound are enhanced by cooking the tomatoes. So use tomatoes to create delicious and healthy recipes as there are a variety of healthy recipes to choose from.

TIPS: Always choose: -high quality organic food so you can benefit from the best cancer preventing ingredients. -a cancer preventing food for each of your meals.

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