Healthy Lunch Ideas For Work

Healthy Lunch Ideas For Work

Because your mornings are usually busy and you don’t have time to cook something for lunch at work, you always end up eating fatty foods or unhealthy snacks that are bad both for your figure and your health. But what if we gave you some wonderful quick healthy lunch ideas, delicious too, easy to make in the evening for the next day?

The best news is that the following healthy lunch ideas are also great for weight loss, because they give your body vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and fiber, without the extra calories of pizza, hot dogs or hamburgers. Eating them as often as you can, these healthy lunches keep you in shape and reduce the risk of heart disease or diabetes.

Healthy Lunch Idea For Work: Cheese Salad with Berries and Spinach

One of the best healthy lunch ideas for weight loss is the cheese salad with berries and spinach, a mix of healthy ingredients full of fiber, good proteins and antioxidants (you need them to look gorgeous, trust us!).

All you have to do is to toss in baby spinach, a few cubes of low fat cheese (goat cheese preferably), blueberries, strawberries (or any other berry you prefer, fresh or frozen), tomatoes and pecans. Refrigerate this delicious salad and there you have it: a quick healthy lunch for work, school etc.

Healthy Lunch Ideas For Work

Healthy Lunch Idea For Work: Chicken and Pineapple Sandwich

If you haven’t heard about pineapple’s health benefits, you should know this delicious fruit is great for a weight loss nutritional plan. So treat yourself with this irresistible healthy lunch idea for work, preparing a sandwich with two whole wheat bread slices, one piece of grilled chicken, one big slice of pineapple and small slices of green pepper. This easy healthy lunch idea is inspired by the Hawaiian kitchen.

Healthy Lunch Idea For Work: Turkey Sandwich

Are you a meat lover? You can still eat a healthy lunch at work and stay fit, don’t worry. Prepare a delicious turkey sandwich made from lean turkey pressed ham, two slices of whole wheat bread, thin slices of cucumber and tomato and a few leaves of rucola.

Healthy Lunch Ideas For Work

Healthy Lunch Idea For Work: Black Bean Burrito

Looking for a high-protein healthy lunch good for weight loss? Treat yourself with a nice black bean burrito. You’ll need one whole wheat wrap, 1/4 cup canned black beans, one quarter of avocado (sliced) and one teaspoon of hot sauce. This quick and easy lunch will keep you full all afternoon!

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