How Does a Carb Free Diet Work?

How Does a Carb Free Diet Work?

Gwyneth Paltrow – one of the most ardent Hollywood supporters of the low carb diets – has completely cut out all carbs and processed foods from her family’s diet, considering that a healthy body doesn’t need all those carbs to function properly, opting instead for a low carb high protein diet.

The Benefits of a No Carb Diet

A no carb diet eliminates all foods containing carbohydrates, while increasing the protein intake. You’re basically cutting out bread, pasta, rice – the “white” stuff in your daily diet – and replace them with meat, fish, vegetables, nuts and seeds, and dairy products. While it is said that a high protein low carb diet is not entirely healthy – since it knocks off-balance your diet, risking your necessary nutrients intake – many people who have followed a no card diet plan have rapidly lost weight right from the beginning of their program.

Low Carb Diet Foods

These are some of the allowed low carb diet foods: meat (beef, poultry), fish (salmon and many others), eggs, fruits (oranges, berries and strawberries) and vegetables (broccoli, carrots, and sweet potatoes), nuts and seeds, dairy products, and healthy oils. When following a no carb diet plan, you need to drink plenty of water – tea and coffee is also allowed, but it must not replace water.

On a carb free diet one must avoid: sugar (sweets, soft drinks, ice cream, etc.), pasta, rice and breads, vegetable oils, and any kind of processed foods.

How Does a Carb Free Diet Work?

No Carb Diet Plan

If you want your weight loss program to be successful, you must follow a no carb diet plan thoroughly. Try to build up a menu of low carb diet foods, with a heavier breakfast and lighter lunch and dinner.


• omelet with spinach or other vegetables; eggs and cheese.

• a cup of coffee or tea


• tuna salad with olives; raw vegetables; yogurt with seeds or blueberries

• chicken salad with seeds and olive oil.

• a smoothie with almond oil, blueberries and egg white powder.


• salmon with butter and baby carrots;

• grilled chicken with broccoli;

• stir-fried beef with spinach.

Snacks: fruit (a banana or an apple), yogurts, nuts, cottage cheese, a hard-boiled egg.

How Does a Carb Free Diet Work?

Low Carb Diets

Low carb diets stress the importance of eating healthy unprocessed foods, while limiting the intake of calories for optimal weight loss. Even though a “no carb diet” is not completely balanced, there is enough scientific evidence which shows that followers of the no carb diet plan have a lower risk of heart disease or other medical conditions. Following a slow carb diet you can easily lose and maintain a natural weight.

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