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How to Diet Proof Your Home

How to Diet Proof Your Home

Our home is the place where most of us spend the majority of our time, so it should not come as surprise that the choices we make here, even if they might appear trivial or insignificant, can have a powerful impact. Part of fulfilling any goal is making sure you eliminate part of the natural resistance to change you might have as soon as possible. Therefore, in addition to calorie counting and exercise, some of the following diet proof tips can definitely come in handy.

From exercising during commercial breaks to be able to squeeze in as much physical activity as possible in your day, to using smaller plates or blue colored ones to be able to have a better portion control or avoid bringing sweet temptations to your house altogether, a few simple changes can make a world of difference. Here a few ways to diet proof your home you might not have thought of:

How to Diet Proof Your Home

Music Tips Although most of us like to listen to our favorite tunes all day long, we might not realize that music can be a double edge sword. On the one hand, music can be a great workout enhancer since it can motivate us to push harder and longer. However, listening to music might not be the greatest idea, since it can encourage us to get distracted about how much we are eating, to stay at a table longer and ultimately eat more. Interestingly enough, fast and loud music seems to be the worst choice when eating.

Decluttering Cleaning your home and decluttering is not only a mental health booster and a mild calorie burner, it can also be a great workout motivator. A recent study has shown that those living in a clutter free home are more likely to engage in physical activity than those who do not. If you don’t need a lot of time to prepare for a workout, you are less likely to lose your momentum and your motivation.

Out of sight, out of mind Although we might not like to admit it, we often choose to eat food simply because it is in plain sight and thus readily available. But instead of beating ourselves up about it, we can turn this observation in our favor by storing extra food immediately after serving it to avoid overindulging. This is especially useful with so called forbidden foods. At the same time, making low calorie, diet friendly food visible either by choosing a convenient location or in clear containers can help us stick to our diet simpler. This principle can also be used when arranging the food in your fridge.

Stock Up On Condiments While spices are thought to help boost metabolism, this is not the only reason why you should consider stocking up on condiments. Fresh garlic, salt, pepper, vinegar, virgin olive oil, apple butter and balsamic vinegar or mustard are great flavor enhancers that can help you replace delicious, yet fattening dresses such as sauces, gravies, spreads or dressing containing mayonnaise, sour cream, cheese sauce. Also, make sure to avoid high fructose corn syrup if you purchase processed low calorie flavor enhancers.

How to Diet Proof Your Home

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