How to Get Rid of Love Handles

How to Get Rid of Love Handles

While a curvy body is undoubtedly a seductive feature, love handles tend to be one of those features women would gladly get rid of. While the subject of body fat in the mid section area is rather controversial health-wise, in terms of personal appearance things get a lot simpler. Getting rid of love handles is not an easy process unless you turn to liposuction, which is a more effortless, yet very expensive procedure.

If you would rather get rid of love handles more naturally, you will have to make an honest effort in order to succeed. Although you might think that focusing on exercises that target that particular area will do the trick, the truth is that it is a bit more complicated than that. Although it might seem like a logical solution, this habit alone will not help you meet your goal. Making a few changes in your diet and combining cardio and strength training exercises is essential. Because the fat around the mid section is harder to get rid of than the rest of the body, a well thought approach is needed in order to get the desired results. Here are a few tips you can try: How to Get Rid of Love Handles

Make sure that you get at least five servings of fruits and vegetables every day and keep unhealthy processed food at a minimum. Limiting red meat to one or two servings per week is also important as it is rich in saturated fat. Aside from making sure that you are adequately hydrated, it is also important to cut sodium from your diet as it can cause water retention and bloating, which might worsen the problem.

Focus on exercises that target the lower back. Strengthening the lower back is one of the best ways to start sculpting the abs you always wanted. That’s because a strong lower back will help you maintain a good posture, reduce pain and help you improve your balance. Yoga and Pilates exercises are a fabulous choice for this purpose. Side planks will help you sculpt the obliques and that will also strengthen your arms in the process. Similarly, abdominal exercises made on a fitness ball will engage a lot more muscles than traditional crunches helping to optimize your training.

The lower part of the body is also extremely important in helping you get a better mid section. Even though crunches have been thought to be the most effective ab exercises for years, leg lifts might be a much better choice. That’s because the lower half of the body is heavier than the upper one, so more effort is needed to perform the move, which means that more muscles are being used. However, there’s no need to dismiss crunches: twisted crunches can be a part of a well designed exercise program as they target the obliques.

Toning your upper body part can also get a smaller waist. Working with dumbbells is not only a good choice for toning the arms, but also a way to make certain exercises more challenging and spicing up your workouts. There are plenty of exercises you can try if you wish to have toned arms, however, if you want to make exercises for the obliques and core muscles more challenging, you should aim for about 5 sets of 15 to 20 repetitions each.

How to Get Rid of Love Handles

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