How to Grow a Big Butt

How to Grow a Big Butt

Big butts are tricky because they’re usually a combination of muscle and body fat, which can’t be willed towards your butt. If you’re interested in how to grow a big butt, you should focus on exercise, but also make sure you’re getting the proper diet.

The secret to a hot booty is exercise, but you’ll also need a caloric boost. Don’t just eat more without the proper exercise, because you can’t control your fat deposits and you might end up getting extra fat on your hips, waistline or face.

How to Grow a Big Butt

Home Remedies for Bigger Buttocks

Since exercise is the best way to go for a big butt, you can choose to work out at home, but you’ll need weights to get visible and fast results. Targeting the gluteus maximus, the most important muscle in the butt usually takes weight training and lifting, but your butt will benefit from any kind of lower body workout.

How to Grow A Bigger Butt: Diet

Make changes in diet that will give you a caloric excess, up to 1000 calories for the days you work out and slightly less for rest days, to encourage the development of new muscle tissue.

Focus on quality protein from meat, eggs, fish, nuts and tofu. Start with the natural way to feed your gluteus maximus before trying additional protein sources, like whey protein powder.

Avoid carbs from sugar and refined flour and start eating the healthier ones, from brown rice, whole grain and beans, which can burn fat in your midsection, contributing to the look of a big butt.

How to Grow a Big Butt

Exercises to Grow Your Buttocks

Cardio is great when it’s targeted towards the lower part of the body too, but when you’re wondering how to grow a big butt, you definitely need to use weights, at least 3 times a week.

Jogging and biking help, but you need to start doing squats with weights, followed by lunges and leg-lift exercises. Start with just your body weight but slowly phase extra weights into some exercises for bigger buttocks.

Leg presses, squats with dumbbells or a barbell are excellent exercises for a big butt, and you get the best results with 8 to 12 repetitions for each, with at least 90 seconds between sets.

Intense training sessions shouldn’t become a daily habit. If you add the right protein in your diet, along with the right carbs and work out, you have the best chances for getting a bigger butt.

Try the natural way of growing your butt before buying products like creams or looking into surgical options. You can also enhance the shape of your buttocks by wearing the right pants with a high waist.

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