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How to Increase Dieting Willpower

How to Increase Dieting Willpower

Knowledge might seem like the universal cure for every single problem. Oh, if only life really worked this way: we’d all be slim, fit, toned and body confidence issues would be pretty much nonexistent. However, despite the plethora of tips, tricks and strategies, the process of shedding unwanted pounds is still a cumbersome one. Whether we like to admit it or not, motivation and ability to follow through are often as important if not more than the strategies themselves. This is why it’s important to learn to predict our weak motivation moments and find strategies to cope early on. Here are a few common situations when your willpower level is predictably influenced and how to cope with it:

How to Increase Dieting Willpower

Stressful times Research confirms what we’ve known in our gut all along: stressful times and proper dieting don’t mix well. With our willpower used to the max, our determination weakens. Still, it’s not all bad since being busy can actually increase willpower.

While stress is unavoidable, proper planning and an adequate sleeping schedule can avoid a downward spiral of dieting choices. Proper rest is particularly important since sleep deprivation is a known diet buster, so make sure to make it a priority.

Family members While your loved ones might be supportive of your efforts, being around them when they’re not on the same menu as you are, or they are constantly picking up snacks on the way home is one of the most frequent sources of temptations. Since asking them to stop is not likely to be very productive, asking them to indulge in foods they like but you don’t necessarily crave to avoid conflicts is a better way of dealing with this frequent downfall.

Weather Yet another reason to call summer your favorite season: this is when your choices are automatically more directed towards success. Unlike colder seasons, your cravings are now directed to lighter foods. Plus, the abundance of seasonal fruits and veggies also works in your favor. So, rather than dreading the ‘bikini body’ program that is so popular now, think of the hot days as your automatic diet improver to boost your motivation in the process.

‘That time’ of the month Yet another predictable diet buster? The ‘perks’ of being a woman. Aside from awareness and the tough struggle to stay away from evil carbs as much as possible, consuming foods like leafy greens, red meat, oranges or legumes can help ameliorate the dreadful symptoms along with keeping hunger at bay.

How to Increase Dieting Willpower

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