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How To Meditate Deeply – Techniques And Secrets

How To Meditate Deeply:

Deep meditation is practiced after you have regularly practiced normal mediation for a good span of time. It is the next step which is followed after normal meditation which usually includes meditation is a much lower profile, for example, focusing on an object, sound, or by thinking about something in particular. You might have heard meditators wanting to take their meditation into another level that is where they wish to deepen their meditation.

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How To Meditate Deeply:

Step 1: A proper deep meditation requires a minimum of 20 minutes, but initially you are advised to not go beyond 5 – 10 minutes. The room where you would be meditating should either be dark or have dim lights which would help you concentrate. Take a straight back chair from your dining and keep a self timer in your hand.

Step 2: After you have set your timer, sit on the chair and close your eyes. Take a deep breath and place your hands on your lap. While breathing out let your shoulders slowly drop down and relax, do this for almost three times. After this you need to focus on one of your hands, whichever is more dominant, and here focusing means feeling. This may sound weird but this is important because you might be lost in your thoughts while meditating when you focus on your hand and come back to your present state rather than getting diverted.

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Step 3: Focus on the thumb of your dominant hand. If you cannot feel it, then try to move it a little to get the accurate feel and concentration. After the thumb shift your concentration to the first finger and then to the second. After this do the same with your other hand. This can also be done with your feet, but hands are perfect to begin with.

Step 4: After you are done with your fingers, you have to start with your forehead. You don’t necessarily need to do it on the same session, but you can gradually go up the next level which would include this. You need to focus on your forehead like and that might initially make you see a dark room and later on reveal a light. You have to look through your mind rather than stressing on your eyes to focus an object.

Step 5: Now you need to get back to your hand and concentrate both on your hand and forehead. You have again start with your thumb and in turn focus on all the fingers one after another and also keep thinking through your mind stressing on your forehead. After you have felt all your fingers on one hand, switch over to the other hand. You could also join both your hands laid on your lap which would make your right and left thumb touch each other; your first ringer finger would touch your first left finger, and all the others the same way. Concentrate on two fingers at a time and not all together at once.

How Would You Feel?

While you are trying to maintain a balance in your concentration and meditation you might come across a moment where you would get lost in your own thoughts. Do not worry as you would soon start stressing back on the forehead and just meditation. It is like a constant battle which would go on. On another hand you would also feel very calm and quiet when your mind will be silent and free.

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You are bound to feel less stressed from what you were feeling 30 minutes ago. Your mind would be aware and you would be feeling relaxed. Deep meditation transforms the inner you.

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