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How to Preserve Your Silhouette on Holidays

How to Preserve Your Silhouette on Holidays

Winter holidays represent one of the most beautiful period of the year when all the family comes together, you receive presents and enjoy the time spent with all your dear ones. However, women usually have to face a little weight gain as all those tasteful meals and mouthwatering sweets are absolutely irresistible. In this context we tend to surrender and forget about all restrictions whatsoever. Well, no one says we should constantly be on diet, but with a few simple tricks you can preserve your silhouette on holidays without feeling deprived of all those delicious treats.

Moderation is the key to every healthy and good looking body. Abstaining is not the best thing you can do as you might only become more ravenous risking to rush to the fridge when you less expect. Therefore, it is advisable to taste a bit of those things you like and stop eating when you feel you’re full.

How to Preserve Your Silhouette on Holidays

Sometimes, when winter comes, the quantity of fresh fruits and vegetables is rather limited. The best thing you can do is to choose avocado, apples, pomegranates, grapefruits, kiwi or oranges and make healthy, tasty salads. You can add honey, cinnamon or yogurt on top.

During winter our immunity should function at its higher rate. If you want to boost your immunity, try to choose foods rich in zinc such as oysters, nuts, sunflower seeds, oats, sardines, ginger, but also those rich in beta-carotene such as carrots, tomatoes, corn, sweet potatoes, papaya, mango, spirulina, sprouts. Making a drink using some of these fruits and vegetables in which you can add some sprouts juice or spirulina is the best remedy against cold.

Usually, during winter time, we tend to reduce the quantity of water we are used to consume during hot summer days. However, even if it’s not so hot outside, you should drink 2 l of liquids daily. Well, it is not absolutely necessary to drink just water. Try to drink more herbal tea or put some fresh strawberry pieces or apple into hot water. Moreover, you can make natural juices that will also help you fill the body with vitamins.

In the colder season, out body works a lot in order to maintain a warm temperature. Therefore, we tend to eat more. This is why it is great to eat warm meals such as soups or stews that create the sensation of fullness more rapidly. You can also choose some low calorie healthy snacks that cannot harm your silhouette such as nuts and seeds, warm milk mixed with baked chestnuts, miso soup, a baked apple with raisins and yogurt or a juice made from vegetables.

As during the holidays we tend to forget about our working out program and we cannot resist to those tasteful sweets, it is important to pay a lot of attention to the cake consumption and reduce the number of calories. Well, of course this doesn’t necessarily mean not eating cake at all, but have a slice instead of two. Also, stay away from foods rich in fats, sugar and sodium.

Never skip breakfast, not even on holidays. This way you’ll feel full for a longer period of time and therefore you’ll avoid snacking until lunch. If you tend to eat more foods rich in carbohydrates, especially for dinner, remember that there is nothing more tasteful and healthy than chicken at the oven with vegetables. It is important to have in the evening foods rich in proteins, such as fish or chicken. Moreover, if you don’t feel anymore like eating the tuna salad you are used for lunch at work, you can replace it by a lens and vegetables salad and a slice of whole cereal bread.

How to Preserve Your Silhouette on Holidays

Alcohol is not your friend when it comes to maintain your silhouette. This is one good reason for you to take as little alcohol as you can as one glass contains about 150-200 calories. Besides its big caloric intake, alcohol also causes an increase of your appetite making you resort to overeating.

If you want to eat all you want on holidays, sport has to become your best friend. If you are sick of fitness or aerobics, try practicing a winter sport, especially if you spend the holidays in a peaceful mountain resort. Now its the perfect time to learn skiing. Another helpful thing, even if you stay in town, is taking long walks, between meals. Since you’re in vacation, stress is a no-no. It is well known the fact that stress plays a major role in the overeating process.

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