How to Start Running

How to Start Running

You want to see real results in a short amount of time and want a very efficient program. No need to worry, we have an amazing running program that is great both for beginners and for people deciding to start running again.

A Great Running Program for Beginners and Non-Beginners

The creator of this program, Jenny Hadfield, the co-author of “Running for Mortals”, teaches beginners how to run for 30 minutes in a four week routine. Sounds great, right? And it really is!

First of all, determination is the key factor of how to get started running. You set a goal and you do your best to reach it in a given amount of time. This is what this program does. It gives you the necessary premises for you to lose weight and have the harmonious fit body you longed for, while also setting a time frame.

How to Start Running

Firstly, you should buy the adequate training outfit – a supporting sports bra and running shoes. You should make sure that they fit you well because you might not like to have breathing issues that will make your running more difficult (an inadequate bra can cause this). Moreover, bad running shoes can cause knee pains so you should pay extra attention when choosing them.

Every week you should start your training with a warm up. Then, start running for 2 minutes and walk 2 minutes after. The amount of time spent running should increase progressively with each week of the program that passes. You should repeat this for 7 times and cool down afterwards.

At the end of each training session, you should start stretching. This way you will maintain a healthy motion range in your joints and you will prevent tight muscles, that might result in injuries.

Take also a minute to stretch your chest and start using a foam roller in order to loose up your shoulders, hamstrings and calves.

How to Start Running

How to Start Running Again

The most important thing of how to start running again to lose weight and feel good about yourselves is to follow a training schedule. Once you have decided upon this, you should not try to do too much, too soon, although the temptation is high.

Also, if you don’t like to run by yourself, you can join a running group, this way you will be extra motivated. In the end, you should never get discouraged because results will come up in time. All you have to do for now is to enjoy your running routine and be focused on gradually building up your fitness level.

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