Kelly Ripa’s Diet and Favorite Healthy Snacks

Kelly Ripa’s Diet and Favorite Healthy Snacks

Which woman wouldn’t want to look as fabulous as Kelly Ripa in her 40s? Every woman wants to be admired at any age and Kelly Ripa still manages to make heads turn. Her lean figure and healthy glow attracts a generous amount of attention and admiration, but how does she do it?!

Despite the fact that she has a big family, with 3 kids, Kelly looks fabulous, but her secret doesn’t all stand in the fact she has good genes, Kelly has tried to educate herself into eating healthy. Yes! A healthy diet and active lifestyle seem to be the secrets behind Kelly Ripa’s stunning beauty and lean, well toned figure. However, Kelly Ripa is not immune to all those goodies out there, so she has picked the ones she cannot live without. These healthy snacks help Kelly with cravings without affecting her health or figure.

Kelly Ripa’s Diet and Favorite Healthy Snacks

Finding that perfect balance is not easy, but once you manage to make healthy eating a part of your life, things will definitely become easier and normal. Kelly Ripa has no trouble maintaining a healthy lifestyle as she has made this a part of their life, so she and her family can benefit from all the essential vitamins that our body requires to function properly. Discover the treats that Kelly Ripa cannot live without and replace your unhealthy snacks with your favorites from the following selection:

Greek yogurt seems to be a favorite of Kelly’s, as it is not only delicious and healthy, but you can have it on the go. Kelly’s favorite is Fage Greek yogurt and you can find it in her fridge at all times. Mix the yogurt with some fresh fruit like blueberries, strawberries or pistachios and you can have a quick and easy delicious treat.

Honey – if you have a sweet tooth, honey can definitely be a healthy and tasty option. Kelly loves lavender honey, which she prepares helself by adding some dried lavender to the honey. Kelly says about her favorite honey treat that “you get salty, sweet, and a little tang. It’s very good. It’s my dessert, my breakfast, everything!”

Cheese – if you’re not allergic to dairy, you probably love cheese as it can give various food choices a boost in taste, making it much more delicious. Kelly loves cheese and she says she would not give up cheese, although she has done it in the past, but was not easy. She says: “I realized that cheese is the foundation of what I eat when I gave it up and went, ‘I can’t eat any of this! Who wants a turkey sandwich without cheese?”

Goldfish crackers are delicious and Kelly Ripa is “addicted” to them. Apparently, Kelly always keeps a box of Pepperidge Farm crackers into her pantry so she can have a snack whenever she wants. Keep your crackers portioned into one serving size bags so you can make sure you eat just the right amount.

Fresh fruit should be in your menu on a daily basis as they offer various vitamins without too many calories. Kelly says she doesn’t keep too much junk food in her house, but always has fruits. Whenever she and the kids need a snack, there is always a bowl of fresh fruit to nibble on.

Simple ingredients are key to feel the essence of what you’re eating. Kelly loves to keep her meals simple and she uses the right ingredients to make the best of the meal without altering the taste. She says: “If I’m having a sliced chicken breast, I’d put it on a bed of simple sauteed spinach with a little bit of lemon and olive oil. I’m not too big on sauces. I just want the taste of the food.”

Watch what you eat and turn towards the help of healthy diets and regular exercises so you can look radiant at any age!

Kelly Ripa’s Diet and Favorite Healthy Snacks

Source: Shape Photos courtesy of Getty Images, PR Photos