Nicole Scherzinger Workout: Learn the Secrets of a Perfect Body!

Nicole Scherzinger Workout: Learn the Secrets of a Perfect Body!

She was the member of the super popular girl band The Pussycat Dolls, she’s now a judge on the UK X Factor, and she’s enjoying a successful music career on her own! In spite of having a hectic schedule, Nicole Scherzinger always makes time for workout, as exercise keeps her killer body toned.

Do you envy Nicole Scherzinger’s flawless body? Here are the secrets of her workout routine!

Nicole Scherzinger Workout Routine for Killer Abs and Arms

One of the most stunning and toned parts of Nicole Scherzinger’s body are her abs. Nicole Scherzinger workout routine for killer abs and arms includes exercises with weight balls.

You may try, for instance, the following routine. Start by holding an 8-pound medicine ball using both your hands, in front of your hips. Make sure your legs are shoulder-width apart, and that your knees are somewhat bent.

Nicole Scherzinger Workout: Learn the Secrets of a Perfect Body!

Keeping the weight ball at the level of your hips, start rotating your body to the left, then to the right. If you want the exercise to be more effective, lift your arms above your head, while turning left and right. Repeat 12 to 15 times this Nicole Scherzinger abs routine.

For amazing Nicole Scherzinger arms, push-ups are definitely reliable exercises! If you want a more complex workout routine, then you may try Nicole Scherzinger’s trick: towels. All you have to do is place yourself in plank position, keeping your hands on towels. Apply pressure on both left and right hands, and slide them gently back and forth. Repeat 10 times.

Nicole Scherzinger Workout Routine for Killer Legs

Nicole Scherzinger’s head to toe sculpted body may become a dream come true for you, too! All you have to do is… jog! Indeed, to get perfect Nicole Scherzinger legs, you need to start jogging at least twice a week.

“I do a 30 to 45-minute jog twice a week and a lot of circuit training in the gym”, says the beautiful singer.

Nicole Scherzinger Workout: Learn the Secrets of a Perfect Body!

But jogging may not be enough if you want to have killer legs in no time, just like Nicole Scherzinger. You may follow Nicole Scherzinger’s workout routine: “I alternate from a few minutes of cardio to sets of 12 on each exercise. I like one leg dead lift squats and bend-overs using 10 pounds weights”.

Don’t forget though that Nicole Scherzinger sculpts her body in dancing rehearsals, sometimes even for hours in a row. Therefore, grab a workout DVD and dance until you drop inside of your comfy home!

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