Ovarian Cyst Symptoms And Causes

When we speak of ovaries, we usually refer to the female gonad or sexual being. The ovaries are an integral part of the female reproductive system where every month the eggs are formed and released which are either fertilized to form babies that we shelter for nine months, or disintegrates in the form of menstruation. The ovaries are the sole producer and storage of these eggs which are then released through the ovary head which is connected to a tube called the fallopian tube that ends in your uterus.


A fluid filled sac often is developed inside the ovaries of the woman which is lined by a thin layer or wall. This sac filled fluid is then described as an ovarian cyst. In fact the doctors say any ovarian follicle growing bigger than 2 cm in size can be termed as a cyst. However these cysts are extremely common. Research and surveys showed that these cysts are more prevalent in women going through their reproductive years. But they are benign in nature as in completely harmless and can be easily cured.

There are usually different types of ovarian cysts. The corpus luteum cyst deals with the release of an egg. Often when an egg is released it passes through the fallopian tubes and gets fertilized to form a blastocyst. If not, it disintegrates. The follicle the egg has been released from is then called corpus luteum. Even though the natural process requires it to break down and disappear, at times it might get filled with fluid and blood and persist.

Cystadenoma is a tumor that occurs in the ovarian lining which can be as big as 12 inches. Often when internal bleeding occurs from the cyst, the condition is termed as hemorrhagic cyst. Thus goes on the different types and effects of ovarian cyst.

Usually ovarian cyst affects a long array of women of different ages usually also called functional or simple cyst. In an ultrasound during diagnosis, these cyst resemble small bubbles in the ovary and usually are of the functional type, that is, they occur without any prior disease or infection encouraging it. These are highly treatable and not exactly cancerous in nature unless they are seen during an ovarian cancer period.

Ovarian Cyst Symptoms And Causes:

This article educate you about what are the main causes and symptoms of ovarian cyst which will help you to know what is your state when you are attacked by this ovarian cyst.

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Causes Of Ovarian Cyst:

Some of the main reasons or causes to which the ovarian cyst owes its existence are:

1. Irregular Menstrual Cycle:

The functional cysts are mainly to be blamed for this cyst occurrence since they directly deal with menstrual problems. If a girl is having an irregular cycle where her menstruation at times skips a month and happens twice the next month or keep changing times such as moves from the first of the month to the very last, chances are that ovarian cysts may occur. However these are non cancerous cysts and at times go away on their own. However at early years of menstruation irregularities are common so do not be mistaken.

2. Infertility:

Infertility in women might be the cause of the repeated ovarian cysts that occur inside your ovaries to the point where the cyst appear and reappear after each year. This is however usually benign in nature but prolonging a growing cyst is not a good idea. The cyst needs to be taken care of immediately before it persists in the ovaries for too long to turn cancerous. Infertility for a woman at a younger age is a really tough issue and thus she goes through a certain medication to make sure her infertility can be reversed. These medications especially the ones with gonadotropin might also be the cause of ovarian cysts.

3. Hormone Replacement Therapy:

With the passing age, often women subject themselves to hormone replacement therapies and you may not know but your ovarian cysts are directly related to these hormone replacement process. The therapy includes certain measures and medications which might trigger issues in the ovary eventually forming a cyst.

4. Obesity And Idleness:

Even though obesity is a main cause for the ovarian cysts to occur, idleness here refers to the sexual actions put on hold by many women once they start aging. This long dry period of not used sexual hormones inside the ovary gets rusted. Now ovaries are supposed to produce more of these sexual hormones which they don’t. This then might lead to ovarian cysts.

5. Family History:

Then of course there is the hereditary passing of genes and cells that might be the reason why you have a long line of women in your family suffering from ovarian cyst, you being no different.

6. Age:

Age is one of the most probable reasons behind ovarian cyst. If you’re looking for the causes of ovarian cyst, then age is one of the determinant factors. If a woman ages more than 40, then she has a high chance of seeing the signs and symptoms of ovarian cyst in them. It is also common in women under the age of 30 as well. These are often associated with excessive pain and internal bleeding. One cannot simply ignore this cause as it one of the most common ovarian cyst causes.

7. Totipotential Germ Cell:

There are more than one type of ovarian cyst. The dermoid cyst occurs due to this reason. Often, a cyst develops from a primary oocyte germ cell and it can give rise to other germ containing cells as well, which can further boost the chances of ovarian cyst. It has been seen that the dermoid cysts contain in the hair, bone, skin, tissues, etc. It also resides in the teeth as well. These are generally produced from egg-reproducing cells and there is no option other than a surgery, if you want to remove it.

8. Period Issues:

There are some women who have problems regarding periods. In some women, the process of period stops and they have a high chance of being affected with the symptoms of ovarian cyst. Ovarian cyst also happens to those who have some severe issues regarding periods such as infection and other similar discomforts.

There were causes, when women who have monthly periods are suffering from ovarian cyst. Women suffering from such period problems should consult an expert on this subject immediately.

9. Menopause:

Another common one among the ovarian cyst causes is menopause. Women, who have been through the stage of menopause can suffer from ovarian cyst. This issues has been discussed above (previous point) briefly, but here we will go through a wide discussing regarding menopause. Menopause can be defined as the stage when a woman stops having period. That particular woman also losses the possibility of getting pregnant naturally. During this stage, periods start to be less frequent and later on a woman stops experiencing periods at all. In some women, it was seen that the periods stopped having suddenly.

10. Other Causes:

There are many other causes which might be responsible or causing ovarian cyst. A woman may be suffering from the symptoms of ovarian cyst, but is ignoring them. Well, this may be a cause behind the rapid spread of this type of disease and can hamper your physical condition as well. Smoking has been considered as one of the most potential causes of ovarian cyst, according to doctors.  A woman who is a chain smoker or even smoker quite frequently can be exposed to the symptoms of ovarian cyst due at a young age. Obesity is yet another important cause among all the ovarian cyst cause and cannot be ignored at all.

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Symptoms Of Ovarian Cyst:

There are often signs and symptoms which these cysts follow. They are:

1. Weight Gain:

Whenever there is a difficulty in one of the main organs of the body, a shift in weight whether for good or bad follows. While usually cancers reduce a significant amount of your pounds, cysts will help you gain the same leading you to gain weight miraculously. Then again obesity is a cause for ovarian cyst.

2. Pain During Copulation:

It is often affecting women at their child bearing or young age when their sexual actions are much more common than old age. If you observe pain during intercourse which you weren’t beforehand chances are that you are developing or already have developed a ovarian cyst. This is described a s a sharp pain in the lower abdomen which persists every time you engage in sexual acts.

3. Menstrual Problems:

With ovarian cyst in the ovaries, your ovaries start malfunctioning. This is why during menstruation one might experience pain, which is unlike the usual menstrual cramps. The throbbing pain then will now be replaced by a sharp stinging pain even while you menstruate. This may also accompany abnormal bleeding in a large amount.

4. Urination Problem:

The same problem goes for during urination times. One might experience difficulty while urinating which is why it is of utmost importance to get a checkup done as soon as possible.

5. Abdominal Bloating, Swelling (Excessive Pain):

A woman will experience sever aches in the abdominal portion when she is suffering from ovarian cyst. A woman will experience sever pain in her lower abdominal portion,  while she is suffering from Ovarian cyst. Bloating or swelling in the abdominal region is pretty common and this happens without any age barrier.

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6. Painful Intercourse:

(This point has been discussed above but in brief. This paragraph discussed the painful intercourse issues in a descriptive manner) When a woman is experiencing the symptoms of ovarian cyst, then she should stop having intercourse unless and until she is completely cured. If you’re planning or thinking of engaging in sexual activities, then say no to your arousing hormones, as it can be a painful experience for you. During this phase, any kind of sexual activity will be associated with tremendous pain. During ovarian cyst, if a woman is involved in some kind of sexual plan, then it can turn out to be a painful experience for you.

7. Nausea And Vomiting:

If you experience the symptom of vomiting in you during any and almost every time of the day, then it is not normal. You might be suffering from the ovarian cyst.

8. Pain In The Lower Thighs:

There will be excessive pain in the lower thighs and this is one of the prime symptoms of ovarian cyst. If a woman is suffering from ovarian cyst, then it is pretty common that he or she will be experiencing sever pain in the lower thighs. This pain is extremely harmful as the pain will originate from the lower back.

9. Pelvic Pain:

There will be pain in the pelvic portion as well. During ovarian cyst, the pelvic portion of woman is generally one of the most affected areas. The pelvic pain can be really irritating as it can originate at any time of the day and this will last for a consecutive amount of time. There is no way one can avoid this pain as it is natural and pretty obvious when one is suffering from ovarian cyst.

10. Breast Tenderness:

Another common symptom of ovarian cyst is the tendering of the breast. Women who age more than 35 or 40years will experience this symptom the most. Among all the symptoms of ovarian cyst, this one is the most common one. :A woman will medium size breast or a voluptuous body will feel this the most. There will a sagging effect in the breasts and a lot of female will be disappointed with this as they are one of the best things about a woman.  According to some doctors and experts in this subject, women who smoke or drink a lot will be experienced with this symptom the most. The skin around the breast will become loose. There are many ways a woman can prevent the sagging of breasts. If you research on the internet properly, then you will find that there are a number of home remedies available which can be used or applied to prevent the sagging of the breasts.