Overcoming Body Image Issues

Overcoming Body Image Issues

A positive self image is very important for both success and happiness. Learn more about the most common body image issues for women and men and find out what are the best first steps in overcoming them.

Female Body Image Issues

From anorexia and bulimia to the even more damaging body dysmorphic disorder, women’s body image issues are generally the ones that get the most attention and for good reason, since women are more prone to create a connection between the way they look with their worth as a human being. Depression can also play a big part in female body image issues that sometimes can create unhealthy habits that put your health at risk and make you feel miserable.

Male Body Image Issues

Bulimia and anorexia are the least obvious men’s body image issues, but they still affect a lot of men. A more common problem is overexercising, that can be combined with steroids and HGH use, for a truly dangerous outcome: “bigorexia“. Men can also suffer from body dysmorphic disorder, but most male body image issues tend to be ignored since they’re still conditions widely regarded as “feminine”.

Overcoming Body Image Issues

3 Steps for Overcoming Body Image Issues

Whether you’re dealing with women’s body image issues related to weight or men’s body image issues connected to your muscle mass, you can get help in overcoming body image issues by working on a few simple steps.

Accept Your Body and Its Genetic Inheritance

Some things about your body simply can’t be changed, because they’re hardwired into your genes. Learn to accept that and respect yourself more. With the help of a positive attitude and a focus on health, not weight or muscle mass, overcoming body image issues gets easier.

Don’t Let Yourself Be Influenced by the “Ideal” Body Portrayed by the Media

Most people with body image issues simply shouldn’t pay attention to the “ideal” bodies portrayed in the media, since they’re mostly unattainable. Learn to attack the root of your body image issues by accepting how diverse people’s bodies really are and by refusing to get depressed over not reaching an ideal that’s manufactured with the help of a lot of airbrushing.

Overcoming Body Image Issues

Put Health Before Size

Diets don’t really work, since numerous studies have shown that 1 out of 10 dieters gains back the weight in 5 years. Same thing goes for “getting in shape” with intense workout every day. Focus on healthy habits and accept that there are no quick ways to get the body you want, especially when that means starving yourself or using steroids.

If you feel like you need help in overcoming body image issues, and most people do need it, start working with specialized therapists in order to find new ways of dealing with your body image issues.

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