Part Time Vegan Diet: Dare to Try It?

Part Time Vegan Diet: Dare to Try It?

Nowadays, we seem to be consuming a lot of processed foods that make us gain weight. We feel tired and sometimes we may lack focus. So, why not start improving our lifestyle and start eating healthier?

A Great Part Time Vegan Cookbook

In his book “VB6: Eat Vegan Before 6:00”, best selling author, Mark Bittman, explains how he was forced to change his life, because his doctor delivered some bad news. He had high-cholesterol, suffered from pre-diabetes and was overweight, so he definitely had to change something.

Instead of prescribing pills, his doctor suggested converting to veganism. At first it was hard for him, as he is a food writer for The New York Times, so he was used to delicious dishes that included meat. But in the end, he admits that this was probably the best decision he took.

Part Time Vegan Diet: Dare to Try It?

Part Time Vegetarian

The main idea of his book is quite simple: if you want to give it a try and choose going vegan for a month or at least become part time vegan, you will not regret it. Bittman invites his readers to stop eating meat and animal products before six o’clock in the evening. Instead, he suggests a diet based on plants, diet that is healthier than the regular animal protein one.

There are several important elements that sustain this type of diet. First of all, there will not be any type of calorie counting. By learning how to satiate yourself with clean (free of artificial ingredients), whole, plant-based foods, you will end up burning calories so, counting the calories will not be required.

Another aspect is that you do not have to test your level of will power all the time. Of course, as the diet’s name indicates, you can eat whatever you please after 6:00 PM, as long as it is in moderate quantities.

Part Time Vegan Diet: Dare to Try It?

You should also know that this type of diet allows you to cheat from time to time. The author says that as long as it is in moderation, you can drink your coffee with milk or have a toast with olive oil once in a while.

To conclude, this diet offers flexibility to people who wish to switch to a healthier diet but find the whole process difficult. The part-time vegan diet offers an easier alternative to a healthy lifestyle as its followers don’t have to give up entirely the foods they like but are not as healthy. The trick is to have them in smaller proportions, from time to time and judge by yourself whether overindulging is worth it or not. The author states that “the whole goal is to move your diet towards more plants and away from animal products and processed foods”.

So, are you tempted to try this healthy diet plan?

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