Pilates for Weight Loss: Slimming Down with Pilates

Pilates for Weight Loss: Slimming Down with Pilates

Pilates gets a lot of praise for some as a great way to lose weight, but this exercise philosophy was not designed as a weight loss plan. Check out a few exercises that actually work and discover why Pilates for weight loss isn’t an option for everybody.

Slim Down with Pilates: Myth or Reality?

A lot of people lose weight with Pilates, but since this type of exercise isn’t as vigorous as cardio, it may burn less calories. If you decide to slim down with Pilates, you should first consider your lifestyle. Are you an active person that already does moderate semi-regular exercise? Pilates works best for people who are giving up a sedentary lifestyle and can provide the most weight loss for heavier people. Since Pilates’ main goal is strengthening the core, it’s probably not the easiest way to lose a few pounds if you’re already fit.

Pilates for Weight Loss: Slimming Down with Pilates

Get a 9 inch inflated ball, an exercise mat and try these Pilates exercises for weight loss that work better than most.

Criss Cross

Start by lying down with your knees bent, your soles on the mat, your hands behind your head and the exercise ball between your knees. Lift your left elbow and shoulder off the mat, twisting your body and keep the position for 3 breaths. Repeat for the other side and make sure you’re moving from the ribcage, not stretching your neck.

Half Rolldowns

Place the ball between your bent knees as you sit upright on the mat with your feet flat on it. Move your head and shoulders forward to make a C shape with your spine while squeezing the ball between your knees. Scoop your abdomen in and move your hands along your legs until you’re halfway down, then return to the upright position.

Pilates for Weight Loss: Slimming Down with Pilates

Bridge Squeezes

Lying down on the mat with your knees bent and your feet and arms flat on it. Have the small exercise ball between your knees. Start by lifting your pelvis, then your lower back until your body is in a straight line from your knees to your neck. Once you’re in position, squeeze the ball 5 times, then slowly return to the starting position and repeat.

Pilates-Cardio Fusion

If you’re looking for the best fitness option to lose weight, you may not slim down with Pilates as fast as you’d like. Try a fusion workout that incorporates Pilates into fat-burning exercises and use the mat less.

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